Jin, Akira and Ryu are always down for some training. Are you?

Project X Zone is almost here, but just how will it play? 

It seems Monolith Soft has designed a technical combat system for the game.

The key to a good battle strategy is timing.  Players can perform launches and cancels into different attacks to keep the combos flowing. You can even call in support characters and an extra character that’s part of your group. But which moment you decide to trigger your next attack or call Dante in makes a big impact on your combo. Thankfully, players will be able to fine tune their skills with the featured Training Mode.

In Training Mode, you will be able to select and practice with any pair unit (main team),  solo unit (single character), and support unit (nearby unit that can join your combo). You can pretty much simulate any team and see their battle capabilities for yourself.

If you manage to break the 99 hit limit, you will get a final 100 hit crossover combo with five characters attacking at once. With over 40 playable characters (in total over 200 characters featured in the game), the amount of potential combos that can be made will be downright insane (but we love insane). I have a feeling fans of Marvel VS Capcom and other heavy hitting combo based fighters will feel right at home.

Go crazy.

Project X Zone is set to release for the 3DS on October 11th in Japan.


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