Hyrule Warriors | Cucco Apocalypse

The Hyrule Warriors stream of character videos continues with another video showcasing Lana with a new weapon. We saw her previously wielding a tome from which she casts spells while giving enemies massive amounts of papercuts. In today’s video Lana utilizes a different weapon altogether: The Deku Stick.

The game calls it a spear, but given the forest themed attacks it enables, and the fact that the spear looks more like a tree branch than an actual spear, we’re calling it the Deku Stick. This continues Hyrule Warriors’s trend with turning classic Zelda tools into weapons. For example, Zelda can wield the Wind Waker baton as a weapon. The perennial Gauntlet, which has appeared in almost every Zelda games under different guises, is a weapon as well.

Hyrule Warriors will be slashing, bludgeoning, and music-ing its way to stores on August 14th in Japan, September 19th in Europe, and September 26th in the North America. Also, don’t forget about the Hyrule Warriors Direct airing tonight.

Karli Winata
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