Last week, I told you about how Metal Gear Solid, No More Heroes, and Persona 4 were getting social games. I jokingly said that I expected Professor Layton, Street Fighter, and others to show up on the social gaming scene soon. I had no idea how right I would be.

A couple days ago, Level-5 revealed that they’re working on a Professor Layton social game for iOS and Android. Titled Professor Layton and the Century of the Seven Phantom Thieves, you get to make your own avatar and gather clues to help capture various criminals throughout London. The social mechanic for this game is that you can cooperate with other players when battling the various crooks. Successfully catching one rewards you with an avatar item.

Then, earlier today, Capcom announced that it wasn’t just making one social game for GREE; it was making six. Minna to Capcom All Stars features characters from Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Asura’s Wrath, Darksiders, and more. Minna to Houkago Soul Hunters is a game where you get to be a “Soul Hunter” and fight Daimajin at school, collecting cards to fight monsters and teaming up with friends. Minna to Daikouki Frontier is another social game, but no details have surfaced about it yet. These three games will be exclusive to Japan. The following three social games, however, have been confirmed to be released in the West as well: Resident Evil Vs., Dead Rising: The Survival, and Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting.

So there you go. Professor Layton and Street Fighter are getting social games. Let it be known that I freakin’ called it.

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Kyle Emch
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