Nergal was a talented user of magic and a good friend to Athos. They met in Nabata and together discovered the village of Arcadia in the desert. In Arcadia, humans and dragons lived together peacefully. While there, he entered a relationship with a dragon, from which Ninian and Nils were born. After his wife was kidnapped, he hid Ninian and Nils in the Dragons’ Gate to protect them, and turned to dark magic so that he may use its strength to reopen the gate and free his children. His lust for dark power corrupted his mind and he forgot the reason why he even wanted power in the first place. Even after he brought Nils and Ninian back he kept on trying to gather more power. It utterly consumed him, his motives turning from good to evil while still being very selfish. He is nothing more than a good father gone bad, trying to save his children.

What makes Nergal so interesting is depending on what you do in the game and which path you take you may never find out that Nergal was such a pitiful character. You have to satisfy many requirements in order to see the real Nergal. In a conversation with Eliwood, Nergal states: “So you’re here, Eliwood. I thought losing Ninian might distract you. Have you forgotten her so quickly? How heartless.” Really, it’s Nergal that forgot about Ninian, and if he was still right in the head it would be him that was devastated by it.


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