Earlier this week we reported that Square Enix recently held a ceremony for Dragon Quest X in Tokyo where they revealed information about the upcoming 3DS app for Dragon Quest X. The app, named “Dragon Quest X Convenient Tool For Adventure On the Go: Vol. 1” (rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?), will be available on the eShop for free on August 22nd, but can only be downloaded via a code that will be included with every new copy of Dragon Quest X.

The features of this app include the following:

Post Office: You can write letters on your 3DS and send them to your friends in DQX, sort of like Swapnote.

Traveler’s Bazaar: You can view all of the items that are available on each of the game’s continents. Though, you can’t actually purchase anything, which makes me wonder what exactly the point of this feature is.

Friend Information: You can see which of your friends are playing DQX right now.

Support Ally Employment Information: You can see how often your character is being employed as a support ally.

StreetPass/Double StreetPass: If you walk past another person who plays Dragon Quest X, you can exchange data between each other via StreetPass. You’ll be able to achieve a “Double StreetPass” if you meet that same player in Dragon Quest X itself. Apparently, something “nice” will happen if you accomplish this.

Dragon Quest X will be available on the Wii in Japan on August 2nd and on the Wii U on an unspecified date. For now, here are some screenshots of the new 3DS app.


Kyle Emch
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