Sailor Moon Limited Edition

If you weren’t aware, Viz Media will be rereleasing the original Sailor Moon anime in a limited edition Blu-ray+DVD combo set on November 11.

Two trailers for it have been released so far. The first showed us the new dub voices of Serena and Darien Usagi and Mamoru. The video itself looks crisp and better than anything I remember seeing back when the show was first released on VHS (Feeling old right now). Specifically, it is of the fated couple’s first meeting in the show just outside the game center.

The second trailer shows Luna the cat’s new dub voice. Michelle Ruff now takes on the role of our furry friend, who no longer sounds like an older woman. While the voice acting itself is superb, personally, I miss the old voice. But your mileage may very.

What really frightens me about these clips is the possibility that my favorite side character Molly Baker Naru Osaka will probably not have that ridiculous Brooklyn accent that I loved so much. (Why are you doing this to me Viz Media? WHY?)

What do you think about the new voices and changes (or rather, changes back to a more faithful adaptation)?

The Sailor Moon Limited Edition Combo Pack will include episodes 1 – 23 on 6 discs completely remastered and uncut. The Limited Edition also includes an 88 page premium art booklet, special features, and a shimmery chipboard box with extra space for the as-of-now unannounced Set 2 Blu-ray DVD combo set. It is currently retailing for $56.99 USD on the Right Stuf’s website. Fans who preorder there will also receive a special Sailor Moon coin while supplies last.

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