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There is a lot to love about Fire Emblem. I find the gameplay absolutely addicting myself. As fun as the game is though, it’s the characters that keep me coming back. I can’t remember how many times I’ve replayed Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones to get all the support conversations. It was always a treat to watch the characters grow and develop over the course of the game and this shot the replay value through the roof for me.

Charlotte Buckingham and I are planning on discussing some of the more interesting characters in the series, from Blazing Sword up to Shadow Dragon. If you’ve played a Fire Emblem game you’ve probably found a character or 10 that you’ve fallen in love with. I’m going to mention right off the bat that if we talked about all the characters we grew attached to, the number of pages would probably reach the 20’s. If you don’t see a character that you like, don’t assume that we don’t like them or find them interesting. The list is narrow to avoid an insane number of pages. You don’t need to have played the game to appreciate the characters but if you have you’ll appreciate them more. I hope to hear about characters in the game that you’ve found interesting or grown attached to in the comments!

Sacred Stones is next.  If there are characters you really want to have us discuss, mention them in comments and they might get picked if interesting enough!


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