Bit. Trip Runner is a highly received Wii Ware game by the developers Gaijin Games. The game was a breath of fresh air. It definitely became the popular indie game on the block.

Its sequel, Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, was announced earlier this year for the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and possibly Steam. Nintendo fans felt like they were left at the door while the rest had a good time at the party.

A tweet from Alex Neuse founder of Gaijin Games said this:

“After announcing Runner2 for XBLA & PSN, we got so much incredible hate mail from our Nintendo fan base that we had to release this game for Wii U under fear of death!”

He was not just saying that, it was recently confirmed that a Wii U version is in development as well. So you can lower you pitch forks Nintendo fans, they heard you.

A sequel to the award-winning and incredibly popular BIT.TRIP RUNNER, originally released on Nintendo’s WiiWare Service, Runner2 boasts:

Retro Challenges playable on the Wii U Game Pad
Special chiptune guest star Disasterpeace
Almost 10 Playable Characters, including CommandgirlVideo, Unkle Dill, and Whetfahrt Cheesebörger
Fancy-Pants HD Graphics
10+ New Gameplay Abilities
Achievements/trophies/leaderboards/whatever Nintendo’s new thingie is
Unlockable costumes
Difficulty modes and checkpoints
…and LOTS more to be revealed later!

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