At E3 last year, Nintendo showcased a demo in which Mario, Luigi, the Toads, and Miis ran through levels of New Super Mario Bros. in HD.  Now, the final version of that demo has been revealed as one of the first party titles for the WiiU.  What was once known as New Super Mario Bros. Mii is know called New Super Mario Bros. U.

The game will star Mario, Luigi, and the Toads in a 2D sidescrolling Mario romp for the WiiU.  In addition to the Mushroom Kingdom regulars, New Super Mario Bros. U will allow players to play as their Miis, putting a new meaning on the term self-insertion.  It also introduces an acorn that gives Mario a flying squirrel suit, enabling him to glide through the air.  Baby Yoshi’s make an appearance filling a number of roles from bubble gun, to balloon, to light source.

A spooky level with a background inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night"? Yes please!

The unique features of the Wii U will be put to good use.  The Wii U Game Pad can be used to place platforms for players to land on.  With U Pad in use, the game will support up to five players, similar to Rayman Legends.  There is no word on whether the multiplayer will be enabled for online play.  The Miiverse will also be used, allowing players to leave comments for other users in the overworld and in the death screen as well as sharing accomplishments and user-made data (custom level creator, anyone?).

No release date for New Super Mario Bros. U has been announced as of yet.  However, given the length of time it has been in development and the simplicity of its design, it is not unreasonable to assume that it will be a launch title for the Wii U.

Get ready for the hectic multiplayer action of New Super Mario Bros. U!


James Best
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