UPDATE: As suspected, the video is indeed a fake. Although most people probably figured that out already.

In case you missed the RUMOR in front of the title, this article is a rumor. It should not be taken as fact because why? That’s right, because it’s a rumor. Videos like this appear all the time on Youtube and end up being fake. Still, it’s pre-E3 and it’s fun to speculate.

There is a video floating around Youtube that  claims to be a pre-E3 FFXV reveal. At the end of the video, the Wii U logo appears on the screen indicating the game is coming  to the Wii U. If  this turns out to be true, it would be huge news. It’s been a while since a numbered Final Fantasy appeared on a Nintendo Console. But again, it’s just a rumor. Watch the video below:


Do you want to see Final Fantasy Versus XIII/XV on WiiU? Let us know in the comments.

Ryan Tyner
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