Gal*Gun | What're ya buyin'?

Living in Australia definitely isn’t the best luck for anyone that enjoys Japanese games to have. Whether it’s the fact that games that are considered innocuous in other territories might be refused classification by their ratings board, or today’s news that retailers are pulling newly-released games from store shelves. Rice Digital – exclusive carrier for the title’s “Mr. Happiness Edition” – reported the that Gal*Gun: Double Peace was being pulled from EB Games stores in Australia. Reports are also coming in that newly released physical print runs of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus are finding themselves pulled as well.

Needless to say, this is definitely unconfirmed for now. That being said, although PQube Games – the title’s publisher in all territories – haven’t made an official announcement, their Head of Marketing, Geraint Evans, has retweeted the original Rice Digital article. Of special note is the fact that Geraint Evans is Rice Digital’s founder, in addition to his roles at PQube; if anyone knows what’s going on, it’s probably him. Regardless, let’s hope for some sort of official explanation for the rumor soon.

We’ve reached out to PQube for more details about today’s news. As more information comes in – such as whether or not it’s only EB Games pulling the titles, or if the games are being pulled nationwide – we’ll be sure to update you when we learn more. Since both the titles were EB Games exclusive in Australia, it should be interesting to learn what made them have a change of heart, if that was the case.

James Galizio
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