UPDATE:  Natsume has revealed their new announcement, which is something called ‘Project Happiness.’
Twitter comments as follows:
Natsume Inc., alongside TOYBOX and Rising Star Games, is pleased to announce Project Happiness (official title pending).
Developed by Yasuhiro Wada, the father of Harvest Moon, at his TOYBOX Studio in Japan, Project Happiness will warm the hearts of gamers~Wada-san and Natsume will host behind-closed doors meetings to reveal the first details of Project Happiness at E3 in just 6 days!

What could this mysterious ‘Project Happiness’ be about?  We know that it will be revealed at E3 in some form.  Keep checking back at Operation Rainfall for more information as it breaks.

What do you think ‘Project Happiness’ is?  Discuss below.

Clinton Nix
Former Volunteer- Clinton started following the movement back when it was still being hosted on the IGN message boards and with the Amazon push of Monado. He’s also an audio engineer, studying in Seattle and waiting for his big break into the world of audio (but not to the detriment of video game writing, of course).