In case you haven’t heard, Oprainfall is headed to E3. We’ll be there to bring you all the latest E3 news as it happens. But before E3 begins next week, we thought it would be fun to make some E3 predictions to see how right (or more likely how wrong) we were.

There are three pages, the first page is what we predict WILL HAPPEN at E3, the second page is what we predict COULD  HAPPEN at E3, and the third page is what we predict WON’T HAPPEN at E3. The categories are Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and other. These categories refer to the companies and their consoles as well as exclusive games on the each system. The other category covers Multi-platform,  PC, iOS, and other types of games.

Staff Predictions From:

Steven Boaz– Owner/Editor and attending E3

Richard Ross– Owner/Editor and attending E3

Ryan Tyner– Owner/Editor

Jonathan Higgins– Editor

David F. – Writer

David ‘Rawky’ Rawlings– Writer

Charlotte– Writer

Will Whitehurst– Contributor

Sarah F– Contributor/Writer

Migui Goryu Rossy- Contributor

Dylan Keyt– New Recruit

Kyle Emch– New Recruit

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Steven Boaz:

– Nintendo will show off the Wii U and it will be awesome.

– There will be a crap-ton of 3DS games announced. Wii U will probably have about 15 launch titles confirmed. Most likely there won’t be any Wii games announced (aside from Kirby’s 20th Anniversary Collection).

– More Pokemon.

– Fire Emblem Localized.

– Rodea the Sky Soldier moved to Wii U.

– The Last Story will have an awesome Limited Edition.


– Super Smash Brothers Wii U and 3DS cross-platform play.

– Fire Emblem: Awakening by the end of the year.

– Reggie says Hello.

– Monster Hunter 3G will be release with online connectivity.

– Nintendo Network is fully unveiled, is free.

– The Wii U has more tricks up it sleeve than we knew.

– GTA V on the Wii U.

– New Super Mario Brothers 2 is shown in great detail.

– The Last Story LE.

– Pikmin 3 has online co-op play.

Ryan Tyner:

– Lots of Wii U launch games announced. I’m guessing there will be two surprise 1st party titles announced for the Wii U.

– An update on Smash Brothers Wii U.

– Lot’s of 3DS games, not many surprises.

– Fire Emblem is being localized.

– XSEED reveals an awesome Limited Edition version of The Last Story.

– Sales Numbers.


– A variety of RPGs for the 3DS, such as Paper Mario 3DS, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, and other unannounced classics. The platform is severely lacking; I’m sure Nintendo knows it.

– We know that new Marios and Zeldas are coming for both WiiU and 3DS—I assume we’ll get them all this year, during the launch of the WiiU, or holiday for 3DS titles. Nintendo needs to bring the heat.

– Square-Enix news, such as the rumored Dragon Quest VII remake for 3DS, Dragon Quest X release information, etc.

– XSEED will announce a Limited Edition TLS.

– Kirby news—whether it be limited to the announcement of what’s on that Wii Collector’s Disc, or a 3DS game, or all his Gameboy / Gameboy Color VC games coming out this year.

David F.: 

– Eternal Darkness 2.

– Last Story Limited Edition will be revealed.

– New entry to the Golden Sun series will be announced.

– Monolith’s project for the Wii U will be revealed.

– Dragon Quest X will be announced localization, but only the Wii U version.

– More games for the 3DS will be shown.

– New Mario game will be shown.

– More pointless talk on how great inovation is for 3DS & Wii U.

– Statistics we won’t care about (unless you own stocks).

– Zelda 3DS.

David R.:

– F-Zero Wii U.


– Pandora’s Tower for US (really confident about this).

– TLS limited edition.

– Fire Emblem Awakening for US.

– Pokemon Conquest for PAL regions.

– More 3DS and Vita games.

– More on KH3D, probably playable on the floor.

– Wii U showcased in all its glory.

– Smash Brothers mention.


– What’s already been said – Fire Emblem: Awakening, KH3D, Wii U, Smash Bros, Pandora’s Tower US release, a kick-ass Last Story LE, etc.

– Monster Hunter 3G gets worldwide release (despite Capcom saying that their Nintendo games won’t be playable on the show floor, I’m still really confident this will happen).

– Resident Evil 6 on Wii U.


– More info on the Wii U: The debut of the Wii U was mixed last year. Nintendo has had a year to evaluate the criticism. We should see some stuff changed and the system running a few third party games such as Batman: Arkham City and Assassin’s Creed 3.

– The World Ends With You 2: With the announcement of TWEWY characters in Kingdom Hearts 3D, speculation has been building about a sequel to the fantastic DS game. It did fairly well in both countries, and the directors and producers have been dropping hints about a sequel ever since Neku showed up in the demo. If the sequel involves a country outside of Japan (Such as New York where the SE game “Parasite Eve” takes place) then E3 would be a great place to debut it. Plus they can announce something, since the KH3D trailer was released several weeks ago.


– More Mario and Zelda.

– Reggie with lots of stuff I don’t care about.


– Wii U Release Date – November.

– Pandora’s Tower US Release Date.

– Pikmin 3.

– Pokemon Black 2 & White 2.


– Nintendo will unveil their launch line-up and give us details about its online service.

– Nintendo will announce that Fire Emblem: Awakening will come to North America. This is their first experiment with paid DLC. In order to get proper results, they NEED to release this globally.





– Sony better have a ton of Vita games, or the Vita is finished.


– Rockstar Games exclusive title “Agent” is finally revealed. Is set in the 60’s-70’s during the cold war.

– Kojima has a new game in mind for the ps3 using the “fox engine”.

– The Playstation Vita will get a price drop in the vein of the 3DS. Legacy owners get a free PSP game.

– The new God of War game for the PS3 is the highlight of the show.

– That smash brothers clone for the ps3 is shown, looks like fun, nothing new. The word Innovative will be inappropriately used.

– PSN tiers, better servers for those who pay.

– Media Molecule introduces a new IP.

– The Last of Us fails to disappoint.

– Vita get’s a Rachet and Clank game.

– The Move gets quietly swept under the rug.


– One last push for the Move.

– Sales Numbers.

 David F.:

– New Sly Cooper game will be shown.

– The 20 new games will be revealed.

– New Vita games will be announced.

– More PS3 games will be announced.

– Playstation All Stars Battle Royale will be shown.

– The Last of US will be shown.

– More PSN news(Classic PlayStation game reveals etc.).

– PS4 news.

– New Amored Core Game will be announced.

– New Ace Combat game will be announced.

– Statistics we won’t care about(Unless you own stocks).


– More information on Sly 4. I know it’s not a JRPG, but I’ve been looking forward to this game for a while. They will probably reveal another ancestor of Sly, possibly Slytunkhamen (the first ancestor), Tennessee Kid Cooper (creator of the railslide) or Sly’s father. Clockwerk is also a possibility.

– PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale trailer and character reveal: Now that we have had a chance to review the announcement, it is time to actually see it in action. The Playstation and JRPG’s (Especially Square Enix) have had a good relationship, so we should see at least one JRPG character revealed. My money is on Lightning, Cloud, or Tidus. SE is trying to make Lightning big, Cloud is synonymous with the series, and they are remaking FFX so having Tidus appear would be a good way to promote it.


– Vita Games.

– Last Guardian Info, Playstation All Stars  down our throats, and morefor more info on Naughty Dog’s ‘The Last Of Us’.

– Someone acting stupid. This is bound to happen.


– The Last of Us.

– More Vita titles.


– Sony would create a PS3/PSV bundle and price it at around $400 to compete with the Wii U, which will be priced somewhere between $300 and $400.





– Microsoft will have a ton of Kinect titles.


– Kinect, lots of it.


– Less emphasis on Kinect.

– More hardcore games for the Kinect shown however such as Heavy Armor and Crimson Dragon.

– Halo 4 is demonstrated.

– Gears of War prequel.

– Resident Evil 6 is shown at this conference, May actually be good.

– Just to prove that Metal Gear is coming to the 360 they will mention Metal Gear Rising at some point.

– Harmonix’s new game is an xbox 360 exclusive. (Microsoft plays daddy warbucks).

– Kinect price drop.

– Yet another showing of the new call of duty (as per tradition).

– Shadow Complex 2.

David F.:

– Halo 4 announcements(Gameplay footage for the Singleplayer/multiplayer).

– More Kinect.

– Another rare game.

– Next Xbox Console news.

– More Shmups will be revealed.

– New Amored Core Game will be announced.

– New Ace Combat game will be announced.

– Show off Crimson Dragon & Jet Set Radio HD.

– Steel Battalion for the Kinect will be shown.


– Halo, Halo, and more Halo.

– More awkward child moments (I dare them to outclass Disneyland Kinect).


David R:

– Left 4 Dead.


– 360 dashboard update.

– Fable: The Journey and Forza: Horizon will be announced for holiday release.

– Kinect price cut.

– Twisted Pixel announces new Kinect game.

– More entertainment services and apps come to the 360, possibly including Internet Explorer and Skype.

– The Last of Us and God of War Ascension may be playable.

– A God of War game for the Vita.

– The new Hitman finally gets a release date and is playable.

– Halo 4.

– Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.



Ryan Tyner
Ryan is an owner and manager of the oprainfall website, mostly managing changes needed for the website and maintenance. He also writes articles from time-to-time. His gaming interests include mostly RPGs; both Western and Japanese. Ryan has a graduate degree in psychology.