The latest issue of Nintendo Power has just confirmed that Castlevania will be gracing the 3DS in the form of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. The game is said to lead into Lords of Shadow 2, indirectly confirming that we’ll also be getting a sequel to Lords of Shadow.

This game features Trevor Belmont from Castlevania III. The game sounds like it will be very similar to Lords of Shadow for the PS3/360. He’ll be wielding a Combat Cross similar to what Gabriel Belmont used. He’ll also have access to several secondary weapons like the electric bomb and the boomerang-like glaive, access to light and shadow magic, and being able to unlock new combos.

We don’t know when Mirror of Fate or Lords of Shadow 2 will arrive or what platforms LoS 2 will land on, but I’m sure we’ll learn more information about the both of them at E3 this year.

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Kyle Emch
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