In a recent interview after the reveal of the new ‘Tales of’ game, series producer Hideo Baba has stated a few interesting key points about the new entry into the series and how different it will be compared to the rest. Including are a few new details about how the team is comprised currently, and of coarse other Tales games being developed along with the new one.

The catch phrase for the new game is “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl?”  This ties into both the story and gameplay systems.
This game will have a more modern theme.  Consider this game the team’s challenge to take the Tales series to the next stage.
Namco Bandai has other Tales games in development besides this one.
When Tales Studio closed, the staff moved into Namco Bandai.  Now members of the Tales team can move to the Idolmaster team, and members of the Soul Calibur and Taiko Drum Master teams can go to the Tales team.

This is some exiting news, we hope to hear more about the new entry early next month at the 2012 Tales of Festival.


David Fernandes
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