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Most Anticipated Titles of 2017 | Header - Tokyo Xanadu

2017 looks to be a very promising year when to comes to video games especially within the first couple of months. To avoid repetition on my lists I will not include games that were featured on previous lists but were delayed or pushed to 2017. So Yakuza 0 and Persona 5 do not qualify. They both had their chance! In any case, time to kick this off:

Most Anticipated Titles of 2017 | Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 – When I played the original Gravity Rush on the Vita, I knew it was something special. This early title for the Vita was one that really impressed me the first time I played this at my local Best Buy. Eventually, I got my hands on it and while I enjoyed it, I felt that it would really benefit from a sequel that expanded on the foundation presented for it to fully reach its potential. The time has now come for us to play Gravity Rush 2 and I really hope it does not disappoint.

Most Anticipated Titles of 2017 | Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn – It’s not always that I find an AAA title that catches my interest but Horizon was one that actually did. The idea of exploring a huge environment and fighting massive robot dinosaur-like creatures just sounds awesome! It’s almost like Turok meets Xenoblade! The footage being released for this game looks absolutely breathtaking. If it delivers this could easily be one of the most unique open-world experiences out there. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air.

Most Anticipated Titles of 2017 | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild – I was initially very skeptical for this title but the more I saw footage of it, the more it grew on me. Breath of the Wild looks to have a heavy emphasis on exploring much like the original game did. There also seems to be a lot of loot for you to find and places to explore. The fact that you can rush straight to the end of the game from the get-go is certainly an interesting concept that not a whole lot of games dare to attempt. Here’s to hoping this will be the killer app on the switch and the Wii U’s swan song.

Most Anticipated Titles of 2017 | Super Robot Wars V

Super Robot Wars V – I am cheating a bit here with this one as it is not getting a domestic release. However, there will be an Asian release with English subtitles. This is a big deal as this will be the first officially translated Super Robot Wars title with licensed robots! Previously Atlus localized a couple of the OG Saga games for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS and while those were solid titles in their own right, it did leave fans wanting more particularly the robots from anime that they enjoy. I look forward to massive 2D robots destroying each other on my Vita screen. Also, this game will be the debut of the new Mazin Emperor G.

Most Anticipated Titles of 2017 | Tokyo Xanadu

Tokyo Xanadu – We had to wait a long time for this one but Tokyo Xanadu is finally making its way over to us. This action RPG really interested me with the art style and graphics. While it is too bad we are not getting the expanded version Tokyo Xanadu eX+, I am happy with the fact we are getting this game at all.

Justin Guillou
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