Thought I’d add a little image so that the main page won’t show a blank.  Enjoy!

In the last episode, we found the resistance base, and found the NiteMare that we had been dreaming about!   And now the bad news.  The girl calling herself Yuriko, pledged to be your eternal partner, has kidnapped NiteMare and is planning a public execution!  Oh no!

Part 6 has us setting out to rescue NiteMare, followed by all the other NiteMare-named girls that were kidnapped because they had the same name! Who would’ve thunk that NiteMare was such a common name in Japan?

Off cam, I’ll be getting another Aeros ready to fuse to whatever Rusalka becomes next, and filling in the Shinjuku Mall automap, finding the shops and selling off some extra swag, buying some armour, and generally cleaning up the inventory.

-Agent Q. Mulative, Dark Weres

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