Watery Tarts Throwing Swords

Watery Tarts Throwing Swords
Sorry to be running a little late today. If any of you regularly catch the show after it has aired, perhaps we’ll see you in the chat this time!

Unfortunately, I spent most of my off-cam-SMT-time looking for a good picture of a monster on my team to put up as the “poster-girl” for the show today. I found the proper SMT sprite of Rusalka to be lacking, as it wasn’t even facing the camera, and putting the Nekomata up seemed to be too cliché, so I got an older sprite of Rusalka off the SMT wiki and added a quote relevant to her mythology. In any case, Enjoy the show!

Off cam, I’ll be doing a little bit of training/fusing to rebuild the party and perhaps fill out the automap while avoiding advancing the plot.

( It would seem that after all is said and done, the livestream archived video has its own “poster guy” as well, as Gotou poses in his battle-briefs )

-Agent Q. Mulative, Dark Weres

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