What’s on your Wishlist for the New Wii U Zelda Game?

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

The following article was provided by Nintendo UK:

Editor Note 05/14/13 11:54 AM PST: The title was changed from “Nintendo looking for Fan Requests” to “What’s on your Wishlist for the New Wii U Zelda Game?”. If you read the article carefully, you’ll see that the question posed is more directed for the purpose of discussion and not actually indicating that Nintendo would take or consider requests. Sorry for the confusion.

05/15/13 4:31 PM EST:  The article was never meant to be a press release as the original title had implied.  The article was provided by Nintendo UK’s marketing partner MEC Global and was meant as a discussion piece rather than an official press release given to the media.  We’re sorry for any misunderstandings this may have caused and we’ll be VERY careful about how we publish these articles in the future.

What’s on your wishlist for the new Wii U Zelda game?

With a brand new remake of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on the way to the Wii U console, speculation has been mounting over what the reinvented game will be like.

Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto, who’s had a hand in the development of many popular Nintendo games with the exception of the Professor Layton series, has offered a few hints as to what we can expect from the new Wind Waker when it finally arrives. He told the ABC news network that HD capabilities of the Wii U will be able to “breathe new life” into the game, and also hinted that the game will have upgraded graphics, along with enhance lighting, better cel shading and overall, a more dynamic and vibrant look.

As it is being developed specifically for the Wii U console, the way the new Zelda: Wind Waker title is played will also be different from its Nintendo GameCube original. Similarly to the New Super Mario Bros. U title, Wind Waker players will have the option to play entirely on the Wii U GamePad. There will also be integration with the Wii U’s Miiverse, similarly to other games released for the console.

This is what we know about the new Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker game so far, but as for more detailed specs and features, we’re still completely in the dark. So, the question is – what would you like to see in the new Wind Waker? What would be on your wish list if you could have a hand in designing the game?

A number of game fans and pundits have a few suggestions, such as the following:

  • Bring back cut content – a lot of segments (specifically, dungeons) were cut from the original GameCube design due to time constraints, but these could easily be brought back and expanded on in the new title

  • The ability to change difficulty levels – fans of the Zelda series, or anyone who has ever played a Zelda game, might appreciate the chance to up the ante difficulty-wise, as well as turning off those annoying tutorials

  • Make sailing more fun – anyone who played the original Wind Waker will know that sailing in the game could be a bit of a chore. Lengthy and repetitive, Zelda fans agree that a way to make sailing faster and more enjoyable is a must when it comes to the new and improved game.

These are just a  few of the things Zelda fans would like to see in the brand new Wind Waker, but what improvements would be at the top of your list?

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Andy was a member at Operation Rainfall since the beginning of its campaigning days. Though something of a troublemaker at the time, he now contributes to Operation Rainfall and shares his love for all things gaming and the visual arts. His favorite games include Xenoblade Chronicles, Kid Icarus Uprising, and No More Heroes. Andy currently holds a Bachelors degree in Cinema, which he uses to pursue filmmaking.

  • Remove/fix the Triforce Shards quest 😉

    • Zeldamann

      It’s not broken, it’s a major part of the game with the point of exploration.
      Zelda games are made up of 3 things, and each thing reflects a piece of the triforce. Exploration (Courage), Combat (Power), and Puzzles (Wisdom).

      You need all three to make a balanced game.

      That being said they could give more hints and make sailing faster to make it less of a chore.

    • Shulknameholderthing

      Right, Right. Oh! Better idea! Remove it entirely. It’s not fun in the slightest. You do plenty exploration just getting around the sea. No. Give me a turbo rocket super glued to my boat, and take out that quest. Then we have a deal.

    • Gust

      But that’s just it: with exploration, you can’t be impatient. The experience of it and feeling is what makes it unable to be explained. The triforce quest is perfect in that regard. You have to explore the ends of the world to find the treasure maps, go to the island, find the triforce chart after solving a trial, and then search the oceans for the piece. What more can you ask for in an adventure game?

    • Jake Smith

      But it’s not an ideal test of “courage”…or basically it’s just not fun exploration. They need to fix it with something that IS fun, such as exploring caves and navigating through towers to find each piece of the Triforce. Tediously finding charts, then going to them, trying to salvage them, and failing a lot is NOT fun.

    • Shulknameholderthing

      But see, I’ve been looking at the same ocean for the past 30 hours, I don’t wanna grind rupees for an hour just to have some Fairy man rob me of them so I can find these things. Not to mention when you get close enough to the beacons, they go away, and more times than not it’s a pain having to constantly use the crane, go a bit forward, crane, etc. And as I recall, a few of them were surrounded by Pi Hats, who always charge at you right as you’re digging. Nothing is courageous, OR whimsical about that. I will say it takes mighty power not to fall asleep, however.

    • lumo93

      about landing on the spot where the treasure is, I don’t know if it was good timing or sheer luck, but whenever it disappeared I almost always stopped at the exact moment to be right on top of the thing. and if not, I used the chart before even going to the crane. Just me though

  • I’d like to see some multiplayer games, like in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks… That can be either online MP or localized MP with one person on the gamepad and the others using wii-motes or classic controllers.

    • dudde


    • Why not? I’d personally would like a Four Swords mode, as there’s much potential in it being a fun multiplayer experience that was ruined by the fact that you needed a friend with a GBA + ALTTP/FS cartridge and a Link Cable for the first one and 2-4 friends with GBAs & GBA-GCN Link Cables for the sequel. The former was fixed by releasing a DSi/3DS version for free on the eShop, though for a limited time, and you still needed a friend with a 3DS. (And the game, I’m not sure if download play works on this version.)

    • marioman63

      i just thought of the perfect multiplayer mode: that windwaker style mode from four swords adventures which was cut from the american release. it would fit perfectly and be completely playable thanks to the gamepad.i dunno if it was any good, but i never played it and its already windwaker style, so its a perfect fit.

  • WiicardoBA

    Sailing was not THAT bad, actually there’s plenty to do while sailing. I would like more co-op dungeons like the earth and forest dungeons were in the original. some new dungeons would be cool too.

    BTW the camera should be able to take more than just 3 pics, at least 10 pics per travel, it is annoying to travel back and forth to the forest haven to get the miniatures done.

    • “actually there’s plenty to do while sailing.”

      Yes, like sleeping or eating a sandwich and drinking a soda while you wait to get to your next destination, with the occasional hopping over and swerving around shark enemies that bother you during your trip. /sarcasm
      Seriously, you need to take off your rose-tinted glasses big time if you thought there was SO MUCH to do while sailing from point A to point B and back again. I dread playing Wind Waker again solely because the sailing, ESPECIALLY if going for a 100% run.

    • I don’t agree with exactly what Wiicardo said, but I do agree that sailing wasn’t that bad, well at least until you had to collect the triforce shards because honestly getting from point A to point B wouldn’t take that long in Wind Waker. I would say riding horseback in Twilight Princess was more annoying then going by boat in Wind Waker because sailing didn’t take that long. It was only when you had no more dungeons to complete that sailing got annoying because you had to ride in the exact same environments all the time to grind for more rupees to pay tingle for his stupid ass maps. If Nintendo got rid of the triforce shard treasure hunting and added 6 new dungeons to collect them in then sailing would be alright. The other two shards could be given to the Rito and Koroks as heirlooms passed down through the family so it doesn’t interrupt the quest to return the master sword to it’s former glory.

    • Honestly? After the third or fourth time going through that game, it’s like “oh look… more blue ocean and more blue skies and more shadows of uninteresting islands off in the distance… *SIGH*”

    • MennoKnight

      See, I loved the sailing sections because they were what made the world feel big. It makes more sense for some of the islands to have minimal contact with the outside world, or be largely unexplored, when they aren’t withing spitting distance from one another. Going from one island to another was not something you did lightly, because the trip was long. Just like it should be in the world Nintendo was trying to build.

      Also, the sailing music was amazing. So there’s that too.

    • marioman63

      maybe have 3 pic limit when you first get the camera, and then finding the miniatures house will give you an upgrade to it?

  • I tend to agree on the cut content and difficulty levels. However I’m one of the few people who never had a problem with the sailing. I’d personally hope they’d keep the Tingle Tuner (especially since it’s easier with the Wii U gamepad and screen) and maybe add more fun minigames and stuff. Otherwise WW’s pretty amazing as is. I’d be afraid changing it up TOO much would actually scale back some of the things that make it great or even break gameplay.

  • Joshua Slone

    A quicker way to change wind direction than performing the baton maneuver each time would make both sailing and puzzle solving a lot smoother.

  • axis

    I personall

  • Returning to the cell shading of the original. Also, Sailing was not that bad.
    But bringing back cut content and removing the triforce hunt would be nice.

  • Awesomeoclock

    Tingle tuner 3ds!

  • axis

    The last one was a mistake but I would love to see the cut dungeons return but I would also love add ons for it. Like imagine if they made an add on called the phantoms hourglass which took you to the next game after the end of wind waker. The two screens would be perfect or they could re-invent the controls altogether. Even if they just expanded wind waker as much as possible before its ds sequel’s story has to take over that would be awesome! I mean Link and Tetra had to do something to be near those islands!

  • I do want to see those cut dungeons… but something that always made me feel bad was playing matchmaker on Windfall Island, since by doing so you stamp out another shy fellow’s chances of romance with the same girl. How about you have the option to send the relationship a different way? Get the girl to pair up with him instead?

    Oh, also, a bit of fan service fun: small cameos from characters from other Zelda games. I’d love to see Saria pop up somewhere out there, aside from a stained glass window… and Marin, too; “Link’s Awakening” had an ocean theme.

  • More dungeons, YES. I had no problems with the sailing, other than changing the wind constantly was a pain; maybe make that specific aspect streamlined. They could add more islands with more things to do and collect as well, to make the ocean/overworld a little less barren.

  • PogueSquadron

    I hope it doesn’t look like the original pictures they’ve shown. My favorite part of the original was its toon visuals. It looked like animation cels come to life. These guys look too much like dolls now.

  • Bring back Tunics. The Last game that had any sort of remote use of the tunics was OOT. Twilight Princess’s was ok but the Side quest one was absolutley terrible even though it looked cool. They should do Tunics like the Zelda(NES) or Alttp/Links Awakening (GBC) because those where awesome. The ones in NES reduced the total amount of damage you would take. Blue ring was able to take 2 hits before loosing a heart. Red was 4 hits. While the ones in SNES/GBC did the oposite one would increase ATK where the other would just purley increase def. They could do it easily to. They already have the skin colors in Brawl for toonlink.

    while still on the same topic. They could do a throw back to the original (NES) Zelda by allowing you to get the Triforce shards after dungeons. That way it wont make sailing tedious and still make the game fun.

    • Actually ALLTP’s Tunics had effect as the ones in the NES one. I should know, I’ve just played through the game recently.

  • Make the Triforce Quest portion of the game have you go through various mini-dungeons. instead of “Go here for Chart, get it decoded by Tingle, then go here for piece of Triforce.

  • I just hope they don’t change the controls to those stupid wiimote controls that already ruined Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

    • I wouldn’t exactly say ruined, but they were a tad detrimental to the games as a whole.

    • i never had a problem with them. they worked fine for me

    • Well I’ve personally never had a problem with TP, but SS would occasionally would act awkward with the aiming reticule for the Beetle or the Bow, then I would have to pause and recenter it, and sometimes it would be an ass and do it a lot.

    • well, maybe it was lighting hitting the Wii sensor bar. Im not saying they were perfect either, but i never had an issue with any of the controls in either Wii Zelda game is all im saying 🙂

    • Triforce of the Gods

      It would only act funny if you weren’t pointing at the center of the screen when you pulled it out, cause it calibrates by assuming you are doing just that.

    • I’ve actually had it happen to me during precise combat with the sword. what’s your excuse for that?

    • Triforce of the Gods

      It’s not an excuse if that’s how it was programmed. The only thing the game’s at fault for is not explaining that that’s how it works.

      And the “excuse” would be that either your trying to waggle your way through or the sun is messing with you.

    • I don’t “waggle” I was holding it up and to the left and it would droop down slowly. and the sun doesn’t reach into my room enough to cause problems.

    • did you have your phone, trablet or PC out around the TV ?i have experienced deviation while around mi labtop when using motion plus but aside from using it near mi labtop it works well and precise if you arc your swings well and if it actually lose calibration you just had to hold the controller upside down on your hand for 5 seconds whit out having to go in to the calibration interface .

    • Huh, I didn’t know about that trick. Thanks for the tip.

    • they worked great whit me the only problem i had was in TP whit spin attacking which would be fixed by making spin attacks shaking both at the same time and not just the nunchaku . i can see why they where hard to get used to in Skyward sword when using it whit the sub weapons sense it kind of worked like a mouse pad but once you get used to it it works great , if they go motion plus all they have to do is not use it whit long range weapons and if they do set up a default stance rather then a custom stance .

  • SteveM

    I thought Wind Waker was pretty great, and I don’t think I would change anything. For the next original Zelda game though, I would have a plot that doesn’t involve Zelda needing to be rescued, and even have her playable. At the beginning of the game we could choose to play as Link or Zelda. I would love that.

  • The cut content, PLEASE

  • fix the tedium of the stealth part of the first game and add more huge bosses!

  • Lightthrower

    Will they actually make more content for a HD re-release? Doubtfull….

  • ChozoBoy

    Tetra’s Trackers. Heck, make Tetra playable on the Gamepad! (When it works in the plot.)

  • Faster sailing…more to explore (I’d give anything to see more of the underwater version of Hyrule)…addition of the aforementioned cut content…(it won’t happen, BUT…) clear water.

  • Longer/more epically animated cutscenes! I LOVED the final scene after the fight with Ganondorf, but I feel that due to the limitations of the Gamecube it could have been so much more! More dialog, more animations, more emotion! I’m not saying it was bad by any means, I think Nintendo did the best job possible on Wind Waker but were unfortunately cut short because of what they had to work with. For it’s time it was 100% amazing, but now it just needs a bit more “oomph” to really drive that INCREDIBLE Legend home. 🙂

  • I actually made a top ten list of what I’d like to see in Wind Waker HD a few months ago. In short, I want to see the cut dungeons, more islands, and orchestrated music. As for the sailing, I’d much prefer to see it stay the way it is.

  • Nevan Lowe

    I want these features:
    Master Dungeon. No, not like ST or PH. More in tune with the term “Master”. A dungeon designed for masters of the Zelda Series. Combining everything challenging about the series. Huge Battles. Tons of dungeon gimmicks combined (Raising and lowering Waterlevels while flipping around the dungeon to triple scramble gears and move pipes and change water pressure, where then you have to backtrack all around the dungeon. That’d give lots of headaches.). And an epic boss.

    Improved sailing. Not remove the sailing. Maybe make it a bit faster/less boring.

    More Dungeons. 3rd pearl dungeon. More than 2 Temples to repower the Master Sword. Oot had 5/6 Sages. Why not put 5/6 Wind Waker Temples. Master dungeon like I mentioned above. DLC Dungeons maybe?

    Refighting ALL the bosses.

    Make things less linear. For instance an easy one would be Wind Temple before Earth Temple. Maybe remove the 2 grappling hook spots on the Forbidden Woods, so then you can do that in another order.

    Improve Tower of the Gods. Make it more like a tower. Currently its 4 floors. The bottom 2 floors, and like 3 rooms make up floors 3 and 4. Make the Dungeon more vertical. Maybe not remove the base, but remove the teleporter, and replace it with more floors.

    Tunic Upgrades.

    Ability to go underwater. A Zora Tunic would work perfectly.

    More minidungeons in the Triforce Quest. With minibosses too!

    Thats all I can think of right now. I still love Wind Waker, its just these are the things I would like to see.

  • ZELDAfan

    PVP ACTION and custom dungeon s

  • Kyusil

    I love sailing, and I think it’s the most essential piece to the atmosphere of the game. If you’re going to make it more “fun,” please make that optional. Not everything is improved by making it more convenient. For me, nothing can replace watching the islands grow on the horizon. Really beautiful bit of that game world.

    If I could suggest an improvement, how about removing the wait-a-day requirement on the figurine sidequest? Even changing it to half a day would be helpful.

  • Wes

    I would like to see an option to play the original graphics like the Halo anniversary edition. I think the original flat graphics look better than this new vibrant look, but both are good.

  • Wes

    Link to the original article?

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      It’s an article given to us by one of Nintendo’s marketing partners in the UK. No original article link because this is the original article.

    • Herslf

      That is horrible journalism with a terribly sensational title. Nintendo of UK did not ask for shit, their marketing partners were discussing things that should be changed in WWHD.

  • I would gladly welcome more content to the sailing sections. I get what they were going for with the sailing but I do agree that making them more interesting would be nice.

    -The option to switch from classic WW to new WW graphics.
    -No Multiplayer addons.
    -Play as Tetra/Zelda.

  • Those 3 suggestions in the article….if they did that…god help us all, it’d be mathing awesome!

  • Irfan

    I for one love the sailing and makes the game what it is and sets it apart from the other Zelda games. Sailing is too long? Uhh yeah thats how how any form of travel is when your going long distances and Nintendo have tried to fill in the long distance with treasure hunts, side quests etc. Just imagine if it wasn’t a huge sea and just a plain floor and you had to walk… now whats more interesting then?

  • It’d be great to see some achievements.

  • Brennan

    More weapons too would be cool to get. (Mainy swords since there were basically only two of them)

  • i would not mind the faster sailing but i personally what i really want to see is link wearing the Fierce daity tunic just cause i LOVE the fierce daity look all that much in MM roflol

  • Callos

    New paid DLC adventures to be made available over time. I can’t see us getting a true sequel to Wind Waker so putting out some new mini adventures via this release would be great (maybe seperate DLC adventures for Tetra, Tingle..or even Ganondorf).

    Personally I love the new look and hope it stays like that….but if you can include a bonus mode for purists to have the option to select the old graphical style then at least it woud stop the whining.

  • What about unlockable dungeons?

    Four swords for the DSi/3DS expanded on the original by making the initial 4 levels harder. The dungeon lay out changed, forced you to really think, and had the player collecting even more Rubies than before. You would be granted a Bronze, silver, or gold key depending on which playthrough you were on and those unlocked the doors in the realm of memories (Post game dungeon). Beating the realm of memories grants you the sword beam and unlocks another dungeon called “Hero’s trial”. It was the final unlockable dungeon in the game, it is undeniably hard. Beating this dungeon grants you the hurricane spin; everything after this is just beating records and getting a high score.

    Wind waker could do something similar but instead of playthroughs and collecting rubies, how about riddles, inverted treasure maps, or side quests? I have one in mind as you read. “Finding the ghost ship’s captain’s grave”. Title is self explanatory but the dungeon is located on a large island that’s flipped up side down and only the submarine brothers can take you there. Its a fetch quest, yes, but I’d love to know more about the lore behind the ghost ship. Plus you’ll get to see Link wearing a Diving helmet for the trek up… down… the island’s shore and terrain.

  • Taargus Taargus

    They don’t need my help. Looks like they already have it figured out. Just go with that list lol

  • tyrant03

    Orchestral soundtrack

  • Well I mainly want the cut content re added and here is a list of other stuff I want too:

    Oh you know that they will make those kind of changes it is a given unless they let you use the Wiimote and Motion + accessory or Wiimote+ and the Nunchuk as well. Using the Wiimote for the Wind Waker could be cool.

    use the Nunchuck just as you explained left for the 3/4 and right for 6/4. You keep your hand in the middle or even for the middle note and point down for down, up for up, left for left, and right for right. you have to keep the control stick of the nunchuck moved to the left or right for more note symbols and unmoved for the 3/3. It would not be that hard to do and you could swing the Master Sword or starter sword like you did in SS just with the Wind Waker like feel to it. You know how the rolling would work. you’d still press a to lift things like before. but you see where I am going with this.

    You know that Nintendo will not ignore the Wiimote and it’s accessories, They won’t ignore the Gamepad either they will let you choose your control type like they did with NSMBU if you remember. But it will have 2 controller types for the main game and I bet they will have 2 for the Tingle Tuner as well with the Gamepad or 3DS for the Tingle Tuner too.

    For the gamepad it would play similar to how it would with the GCN Controller. The Touchscreen would be used for the items and music much how OOT3D was with the Ocarina of Time and the fairy ocarina. for the Wiimote they could be testing out how to use the Wiimote and Motion + and Nunchuck even as we speak. But i’d try to have an option as to what hand he uses for the Swordplay like have the option to swing the sword with your right hand and the spin attack would still work like it did with Skyward Sword no matter which hand was the sword hand as they say. But i’d have to keep trying to think like Nintendo to know for sure what they might do.

    If you need to know how my idea here came to be from my head go to this thread http://nsider2.com/forums/index.php/topic/600935-cvg-3d-mario-u-by-oct-ton-of-games-this-summer/page__st__40 I hope this is cool.

    For stuff I have not thought of yet. They could give us a backstory about Link and Aryll’s parents.

    Look at the topic from NSider 2 to see how I came up with this idea. Sorry it was so long too.

  • make some fast travel thing-a-please!

    • You can do that with the Ballad of Gales

    • really ? its been a while since i played this game 😮

  • I would just like to see them have 2 sets of controls for the main game and 2 for the tingle tuner as well. Wiimote, Nunchuck, and Motion+ accessory and or Gamepad for the main controls and 3DS and or Gamepad for the 2 Tingle Tuner control types. If this is true that is.

  • RagunaXL

    incorporate wii motion+ plus controls similar to skyward sword, allow the wii U gamepad to be used in place of the gba (at least as one of the multiple options) fix the sailing or at least add warp points once you’ve ‘discovered’ a significant point, triforce shard quest at the end should be shorter, have less pieces.

  • Emily

    I’m just one of the many who wants them to add the cut content. I don’t need anything else. Heck, I think the graphics of the original have hold up marvelously and don’t even stand for being remade, but sure, I guess. If it means added content I am perfectly alright with it.

  • BadJournalism

    Where the fuck is your source for this?

  • ABlackMage

    Make the hookshot not inverted or an option to change it. That and Gamepad off screen play is all I need.

  • Have a pretty cool side quest, when completed you will end up with a motor upgrade. Maybe have some huge fish with 3 parts to the motor. You’ll have to find the fish 3 times, each time will be more difficult to defeat. The third time it will be like fighting a boss. It would be really fun and the upgrade would be awesome! A motor to your boat!

  • Bob

    Add a boss gauntlet

  • The ability to give 3 photos at a time; I hated to have to go out of the gallery,
    play a song to change the day, give a new photo and repeat.

  • Silver Scale

    Just one thing. Make Toon Link’s proportions less outlandish, as in make his head and eyes smaller and his feet bigger.

    I don’t mean turn him into a “normal” Link, just prevent him from looking like a bug-eyed grapefruit on a stick. That design turns me off so much, I have yet to play Wind Waker despite the fantastic reviews.

  • I think It’d be awesome if you could aim with the gamepad using the gyroscpoe (as in Zelda in NintendoLand)! I think that simple idea would work great, specially in that level where you have to infiltrate into dark fortress island.

  • Voiceovers, New Levels, And Virtual Day/Night.

  • Spike

    Make the Triforce Quest available from the start. Let the player find the first Triforce chart in the Forsaken Fortress, during the games stealth mission. Make sure the player can’t advance without the chart. That way you are introduced to the charts early on. You can’t read it, so you know you have to find a way to decipher it. When you meet tingle later on Windfall Island, he tells you he can decipher the chart. He looks at the chart you already have and deciphers it for a smaller price because you freed him and tells you to visit him if you have more charts.
    Now all you have to do is to make sure the player finds the charts throughout the game and regularly decipers them so that he picks p the triforce pieces. This is easily done by connecting storyevents to the triforce pieces. For example have the Tower of Gods not appear before the player has at least three triforce pieces. Then another piece each to open the next two dungeons. And Zelda kindapped after you have seven. That way you make sure the player only needs to find one more piece to enter anons Tower. Bam, pacing problem solved nicely. And it would be much more fun this way.
    Add in a few new secret locations/islands. Perhaps add in a Retro Island, a set of islands shaped like previous Nintendo consoles (to get back to the idea of GameCube island of the orgiginal that was cut) and add in back another island or two, just to get a new feel out of the game.
    Patch up the uninspired bland locations. There are a few instances where the game is just plain boring. The training room on the pirate ship for example. It is functional, yes, but also ugly. The submarines that look mostly the same. Some samey caves. Those things could easily be fixed. I am not talking graphics here but variance in gameplay. Graphics of course help
    Put the tingle tuner on the gamepad. This one is self explanatory really. The tingle tner was a good idea but the setup was horrible A simple tweak that could get a lot more out of the game. Especially if you follow point 1 and fix the triforce quest.
    Orchestrate the main sailing music. Orchestrated music is always a good thing, and where better than during the sailing time. You sail a lot in this game and orchestrated music would make that experience much nicer. Nintendo could also orchestrate the title theme just because its a good theme.

  • Kamon

    Gimme the eyebrows back on top of their hair.

  • I would like to see the missing temples that never made it to the Gamecube version 🙂

  • PastyHands

    Re-record the already amazing soundtrack with a full orchestra. That’s all I want. Maybe a few new islands would be nice too.

  • Julius

    Do I even have to point out that this “press release” obviously is fake? Nintendo would never describe a Zelda game as “a chore” or “repetitive” and most certainly never comment and/or confirm fan speculation and rumours. The folks at Oprainfall have probably created this article themselves to gain publicity.

    Just take this excerpt as an example of how weird the article is:

    “Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto, who’s had a hand in the development of many popular Nintendo games with the exception of the Professor Layton series, has offered a few hints as to what we can expect from the new Wind Waker when it finally arrives. He told the ABC news network that HD capabilities of the Wii U will be able to “breathe new life” into the game, and also hinted that the game will have upgraded graphics, along with enhance lighting, better cel shading and overall, a more dynamic and vibrant look.”

    Professor Layton is NOT a “Nintendo game”, it’s a third party game from Level-5 published by Nintendo in certain regions. They would likely never comment on what Miyamoto said to ABC or any other media. Overall the article puts the original Wind Waker in a very bad light. That is very bad PR. Nintendo’s PR department is smart enough to market the remake and its improvements over the first game without making it sound like the original Wind Waker has a gazillion of flaws. In comparison to Nintendo UK’s regular press releases this one has a very amateurish tone to it.

  • John Smith

    – less easy (or a choice of difficulty)

    – let a second player control makar and the bird girl
    – Tingle tuner gamepad
    – more dungeons
    – let us explore the Hyrule under the sea, discover some new dungeons and find the only human living here, Impa’s descendant
    – add sex and blood
    – give some actual new power to link when he obtain the triforce of courage (a spiritual power is lame)
    – upgradable tools and learning of new ability like in skyward sword and twilight princess
    – add a water donjon with shadow link inside
    – final boss is captain falcon

  • jcnba28

    And i the dungeons you removed from the original Wind Waker!

  • Ronak Desai

    Make sailing faster, but expand the Great Sea. 😀

    The game will look AWESOME in HD!

  • Maybe some new items and a couple of new dungeons. If that’s to much, a couple of mini-dungeons would also be awesome.

  • Absolutely no motion controls!

    • Why would having the OPTION to use motion controls ruin the game for you? There’s no way motion controls will be standard, because the Wii U doesn’t come with a Wii remote/ Nunchuk setup. But there are some people who really like motion controls, so why would include the option for some people be so bad?

    • dbclick

      I think the option to control the Pictobox with the GamePad’s gyroscope would be pretty cool. Beyond that, only aiming the bow/boomerang could really be helped with motion control. I much preferred the button for sword on the GC version of TP rather than the swing-the-Wii-remote on the Wii version of TP (I’ve played both). Since WW wasn’t designed with motion controls in mind, no motion control should be mandatory (for newly designed elements, that’s a different issue).

      Although, they could add some interesting things with the GamePad’s
      touch screen. For example, drawing paths for controlled statues to follow when
      using the command melody and keeping Link free to move, somewhat like Spirit Tracks (obviously would
      require a new dungeon or revamped layout).

  • Zelda Four Swords Adventure included in the game, using the GamePad or Nintendo 3DS like Game Boy Advance.

  • Sailing is fun if you’re not a 12 year old with the attention span of a gnat. It feels nice, you can shoot stuff, explore the HUGE world and find all kinds of islands and treasure. Much of the greatness that is Wind Waker is the huge open world where you can spend hours exploring. It’s awesome.

    Difficulty could be upped in the form of a “master quest” mode once the original is complete like in Ocarina of Time 3D

    As for the “cut content”, the developers were planning two more dungeons for the last half of the game but they were never finished (else they’d be in the game…). It would be cool to see how they panned out, but no huge loss if they’re not included.

    I would like to see some focus on cartography. A big part of sailing in the days of old was drawing maps, seems to me the Wii U could be perfect to have a gameplay mechanic like drawing maps, selling them to Tingle who gives you stuff based on their accuracy. Or something haha.

  • NPeart

    Coop with Tingle.

    Wiimote Sword for Link.

    Coop and Wiimote goes to next Zelda too.

  • Windfall

    Orchestrate the soundtrack. And in case there’s the argument of keeping the original tracks for the sake of nostalgia, just put them as an option. I doubt this would be too much for a Wii U cd.

  • Fox

    Personally I didn’t mind the sailing or the Triforce shard hunting in the original game. In fact I thought as mechanics they were pretty fun and still do to this day! To see those cut dungeons would be nice though. As well as maybe a bigger part of underwater Hyrule to explore. Like maybe once you break the barrier around Hyrule Castle, you actually have to go and do more in Hyrule itself before confronting Ganon. Also one thing I think would be nice is Tingle Tuner integration with the GamePad. Another thing that would be cool with the added aesthetic, would be elements of old Hyrule found in the Great Sea.

  • I don’t think that the sailing should be faster, I just believe that it should be more action-oriented. Maybe provide more monsters, obstacles, etc, along the way to the next island.

  • Mullerj7

    Please keep the cel shaded cartoon look!! Just in HD!!!
    Sailing could be streamlined.
    More dungeons would be nice, but please keep the original look!!!

  • more side quests!! more islands!! more side quests!! more dungeons!! more side quests!! more difficulty!! MORE SIDE QUESTS!!
    Who can ever get enough side quests?

  • Agent000

    That heavy lighting kinda kills the cel-shaded effect, and even if they went with real cel-shading it wouldn’t be original anymore. I think WWHD should have a claymation artstyle. Think about it, WW would be perfect for claymation!

  • Daver

    Get the Ballad of Gales earlier in the game.

  • To be honest, I loved traveling on the Great Sea. It gave me time to get up and get a snack, talk to a friend/ family member, and most of all, it gave me what almost seemed like a brake from the game play. As strange as this might sound, I would actually like them to keep the BIG ocean over world. One thing that they could add, however, is more features to the Hyrule below. Almost every time I ended up going down to Hyrule in the game, I would perform the moblin skating glitch to get out of the linear map and explore the backgrounds that you were technically not suppose to roaming around in.
    If they were to add more to the land below, I would actually be able to see some more of the beautiful, shell shaded Hyrule, without falling through the floor! It could even create reasons for extra side quests, dungeons, and more.

  • Make the bosses harder like give them new attacks that are hard to dodge. Make the Triforce Shards quest more interesting like make their be a mini dungeon to get them rather than having to hunt for them in the sea

  • OrchidSong24

    I would love to see the soundtrack redone with a live orchestra like they did in Skyward Sword.

  • Prince_of_Judah

    Make the game nonlinear and about more exploration. Let people complete dungeons in any order they way. Also, it would be AMAZING if you could play the game co-op with a friend, (without buying anything additional either.)

  • Justin Martin

    please allow for the axis to be revised back to western style.

  • marioman63

    the triforce quest was the worst part of the game for me. maybe to satisfy both crowds (the ones who liked it and those who didn’t), instead of just sailing to a spot in the middle of the ocean for a box, why not have the box contain a magical orb or something that takes you to a mini dungeon? more dungeons are always nice, even if they arent much bigger than the ones found on most of the islands.

    also as others have said, bring back the cut dungeons. all 4 of them. the nayru’s pearl dungeon, the 3rd master sword dungeon and the 2 full dungeons that were going to be where you got the power bracelets and iron boots.

  • Merchiodos

    – Have the Gamecube Island in it like they were planing to do

    – Have more side quest

    – Have a Master Quest version after completing the game and you play MQ with link in his pj’s

    – Make it everytime you complete the game you can get different colored Link tunics to play as.

    – With the Wind Waker instrument, since there’s no C buttons, you can use the D-pad. Please don’t use the letter buttons

    – Menu on Gamepad and set up like OoT 3D

    – With the letter slot mini game, make it that you can flick the Gampad screen to throw the letters.

    – Add more details to the scenery like in OoT 3D, eg; add posters around Woodfall Island.

  • lumo93

    What about combat on the boat. WHILE IT MOVES!!!!

  • Dominic

    Voice Acting could be nice.
    C’mon Nintendo, you showed you were capable of hiring good voice actors with Kid Icarus and Fire Emblem, give Zelda that honor as well!

  • Adam Pippin

    Agreed 1100% with the three improvements listed in the article. The sailing alone made me put down the game for a while, but I eventually picked it back up and it ended up being one of my favorite Zelda experiences besides.

  • Why are the times in PST and EST instead of PDT and EDT — or why not just one time zone?

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      You’re right it should be PDT or EDT. Ah well, I think people know what time is being referenced. There are two different times simply because two different editors made the changes who live in two different time zones..

  • MBK

    *When your sailing you should have big pirate ships that try to attack you.

    *Sailing mini games

    *Being able to swim underwater

    *sand wand

    *Ability to upgrade weapons/Shield

    *Caching Animals and putting them in a zoo like spirit traks

    *Having a Side Kick that fights with you or having a multiplayer mode where instead of it being just link you a twin brother which would be the multiplayer where it would be the exact same but just 2 players maybe even 3 or 4

  • maxington

    I think it would be sweet if they didn’t cut down on the sailing or shard hunting or anything, but rather just made the whole sailing experience more dynamic and realistic to what it might be like to actually sail across an ocean. like if they added more randomness and options in terms of weather and ocean waves, so after long hours of sailing you can still enjoy the experienced and feel more emersed. And you would also think of any Zelda game to include fishing it would be Wind Waker! So it’d be cool if they threw in a fishing rod!