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SEGA periodically livestreams announcements related to upcoming content for the Phantasy Star series and, more specifically, Phantasy Star Online 2. The game’s PC version is incredibly successful in Japan, hosting many video game and anime collaborations, and has been localized for Southeast Asia (though the content offering there has not caught up with Japan.) You may have heard about the Phantasy Star Online 2 anime series coming in 2016 that was revealed in one such livestream.

A separate announcement within the same recent broadcast revealed “Sympathy 2015”, an orchestral concert featuring renditions of music from the Phantasy Star Online series of Phantasy Star games. The last Sympathy concert event took place in 2013, and featured music from across the entire Phantasy Star franchise, as it was celebrating 25 years of Phantasy Star. Sympathy 2015 will be celebrating 15 years of the Phantasy Star Online series, and the announcement of the anime series is also part of this 15-year anniversary celebration.

SEGA’s own event page is already up, sourced below. The concert will take place on November 23rd at Pacifico Yokohama in Japan. Tickets range from 7500 yen to 9500 yen. There is no event page on the venue’s site right as of now.

I’d like to take some space to note as many others have done that unfortunately Phantasy Star Online 2 is still not localized! It’s a travesty. The localization has previously been suggested years ago by SEGA to be in the works but nothing has materialized so far as we know. Localizing a game like this is by no means a trivial effort, but considering the length of the delay and the lack of updates in the meantime, one can’t expect fans not to be disappointed.


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