Building Character: Cheria Barnes

Monday, March 25th, 2013

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Tales of Graces F | Cheria

To me, certain types of video games are all about the story, the characters and how we react to them. With that being said, the reaction can be something good, bad, or in the middle. In this case my reaction was both good and bad as Cheria Barnes from Tales of Graces F is a character that I have a love/hate relationship with for many reasons.  I have recently realized that while I enjoy the more flamboyant and energetic characters (think Pascal or even Riku from FFX) I actually sympathize and understand the shyer, demure characters like Cheria a bit more. My best guess to this would be that since I do have a shy side I can relate to these types of characters and see the strength in them even when they are unsure of their own strength.

When the Lhant crew were all younger Cheria had some sort of disorder that afflicted her causing her to become exhausted if she over exerted herself. While she tried to take care of herself she also wanted to overcome this problem and be able to be useful to Asbel Lhant as well as the people of Lhant.  With this we can already see that Cheria is very strong willed and wants to overcome her obstacle the best way she knows how.

Tales of Graces F | CheriaShe was raised by her grandfather, the head butler to the Lhant estate, as her parents died when she was really young.  Possibly as a result of this, a need to fulfill something she was lacking, Cheria is often the mother figure of the group, trying to take care of everyone physically and emotionally.  She tries to help Sophie understand the way of the world all the while reminding them all to eat healthy, in addition to keeping them fully healed up in the wake of any danger.

This is something that can be quite draining and really not an activity that someone with her affliction should be taking on as their responsibility. The mere fact that she does this goes a long way in my eyes of showing what type of person she truly is. Someone who puts the needs of those she cares about above her own and who will step up and go the extra mile when needed. We could all use a bit more of that aspect of hers to reside within us. What a wonderful place the world would be if we could all feel this even a little bit more than we do.

Her character is very much in love with Asbel though she cannot quite bring herself to say it out loud, and don’t even get me started on how clueless that dude is about it all! She stands beside him through everything going on when they are younger, and then again years later, even with such a long absence in between then and when she is reunited with him. She finds almost no problem with going right back into that same role. She once again becomes his companion and sets out so help in any way she can. I am not sure how most of us would react to suddenly being back in the life of someone we had such deep feelings for who basically bailed on us for 7 years. Cheria though took it for the most part in stride and was able to forgive Asbel and focus on what was going on in the here-and-now rather than dwelling on the childish actions of a person who had more than ample reasons to run off.

As Tales of Graces F continues on after the introduction, we see her strength coming out more and more. When last we left her, her love had run off, Sophie was dead, Hubert was adopted by another family and overall things were not looking too bright for her. Having been mysteriously healed from the ailment that had her so weak as a child, Cheria has taken advantage of the situation, taken charge of healing the villagers, and overall did a fine job turning into a beautiful vibrant young woman.

She heals her fellow village people in their time of need, all the while helping out where she can to eliminate the monsters that are enraged and attacking anyone and everyone. She’s also trying to figure out who or what is behind all of the craziness going on in her world.  Later on, she helps protect Sophie in many ways and helps her adjust to everything that she is dealing with. Cheria is a character who people either love or hate but I chose to see the positive side of her and give her credit where it is due.


Cheria also has a side to her that gives us the hate part of my love/hate feelings of her. She tends to question everything she does and wonders why Asbel can’t quite see her the same way she sees him. It’s completely lost on her that all of her inner thinking, worrying and wondering has done her no good, and in short, she needs to put her big girl panties on and speak up and say something. I can relate to her on this even if it is a part of my personality that I do not like. Thinking and feeling everything so deeply can be a great experience or a horribly painful one if you forget in the meantime to show and tell people how you feel.  While she on occasion does a decent job of showing people how she feels, you have to look deeply into her actions to truly understand and most people need to hear the words as well as see the proof in one’s actions.

Overall she is a pretty solid character who I can easily identify with.  I enjoyed the cutscenes  that included her and I had fun seeing her transform from the child she once was into the woman she could be. Having not completed the extra part of the game I do not know exactly where Cheria will go or how things will end up for her. I am hoping for the best outcome possible but honestly just thinking of her happy in whatever becomes of her is good enough for me.

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  • Me and my friends are playing this game right now, it’s a blast with other people to play with! Cheria is a good character, but I agree, I enjoy the antics of Pascal a bit more :3

    • Agreed.. Pascal has that energy which makes her shine.. I always enjoyed
      seeing or hearing what sort of things she would say/do.

      I may one day return to the Tales series for the Building Character piece and
      portray the other girls of the game, since I found great qualities in
      all of them.

      I am glad you are all enjoying the game.. I need to finish up the last few hours! Hmm I might do that next week. 🙂

  • my first Tales game ! i LOVE this game
    i need to start a second playthrough soon ^__^

  • I think the directer and writters went out of their way to give you a Cheria/Absel ending but at the same time take it away………………………….Emile/Marta ftw.

    • I can’t wait til I get home and finish the game. I got side tracked with a review or two and then I started playing God of War! Which I am LOVING.. if not a bit aggravated at right now lol

  • She’s easily my favorite character in the game; the child arc ensured that. She was just too freaking adorable, plus adding Laura Bailey as a VA was a nice touch. She’s also a really unique build for a character; she’s kind of a cross between a thief-like, ninja class, while having all the most important white magic. She’s the character that the party was always struggling if she wasn’t in it; although Sophie was an emergency replacement.

  • John Ellis

    I couldn’t stand her, she acts like such a bitch towards Asbel yet all the characters describe as a gently soul. And for leaving the village he didn’t like living in to pursue his dream of being a knight, the other characters have to bash him though most of the game as if he committed some terrible crime.

    The worst part of her is she lacks character, all the other characters have some form of a personilty yet she just stands back and sometimes tries to pretend she has something interesting to say. Her only purpose in the story was just so the game can say to Asbel “Hey idiot that girl really likes you marry her and say sorry for everything you’ve done in your life”

    • I think that she was harder on Asbel because she wanted him to be the best version of himself that he could be. I don’t know that I would describe her as being a bitch towards him, but we are all entitled to our own opinion. 🙂 People have varying opinions on Cheria, some love her and some hate her.

      So, in your opinion Asbel did not run away from his life? He simply went to pursue what he wanted out of life? Hmmm. I think I can understand that to a point. He certainly had good reason to continue on with his life and seek out what would make him happy but did he have to leave Cheria like that?

    • …..he woz in da VILLAGE HER DOCTOR IZ IN DA ENTIRE TIME! Findin’ him would NOT have been difficult!

    • Vanadise

      For what it’s worth, I completely agree. Cheria was easily my least favorite character, entirely due to her passive-aggressive attitude toward Asbel.

      She practically couldn’t go a single scene without getting angry at Asbel because he didn’t know exactly what she was thinking even though she never said anything about it to him. It might be amusing for the purposes of humor, but it’s a terrible basis for a relationship.

      And aside from pining after Asbel, she didn’t really do much other than be kind of generically whiny and clingy.

  • i hated her.

  • pickles

    I disliked Cheria…..really I did. I was alright with her in the Childhood Arc because she was always left behind, but for good reasons. After Asbel left to become a knight, and then seven years later he comes back and she is so cold….umm hello? Woman could have paid the 10 gold for the child boat fair to go see him. She knew where he was going, it wasn’t like he was keeping it a secret. She could have waited or found out when he could have been free to say hello. Then she earns her two titles of kindness, those kind acts that PASCAL did, that irritates me. That’s like saying; “Hey you did the act of awesomeness, but we are giving someone else the title, k????”

    I also agree with Hubert in one of his skits with her. Her skirt is too dang short, she needs to be more appropriate, motherly figure my left and right butt cheek. I earned enough carta cards to put her in the other outfit so I would want to use her in my party, yet I still don’t use her a lot because I use my lovely Pascal and I always have way too many gels from dualizing.

  • Evy LLight

    My three most hated characters.
    1) Bitcheria barnes from tales of graces (whoever likes her has to see if they have hit their head on something,there is really nothing and I say NOTHING that will make ever a character so annoying,like i dunno what people do for making themself liking her?they actually turn their hate into love,are they hypocrites? They feel similiar to the character so they decide to like her because that’s what they would do too in her place? If so please seek help,like immediatly go and seek help.
    It’s not about a character doing bad things or good things,’s fictional so if we enjoy a villain that kills people that doesn’t mean we also would like to kill people,the same goes for heroes or heroins characters,if people don’t like the it doesn’t mean they don’t support being nice in real life..oh my god i feel so dumb to even have to explain that,But the thing is a character needs to be writed good,to be enjoyable as whatever he does,being villain,being the good guy,being a coward,or being strong,being mentally ill,or being the badass perfect that resolves anything,but it needs a little bit of realism and developement…especially for main characters.Cheria does not have any of that at all,her motivation does not exist,her character has nothing fun or enjoyable or original and trust me you really need those things at least one of them,She is over the top aggressive,goes from that to being ”motherly” yes ,a bad and abusive mother maybe? because being ”motherly” is a person who shows support whatever your decision is and tries to not let you down and is always warm with you and doesn’t act like her feelings are the only ones who should be counted, which is just like sakura haruno that everyone hates.
    Cheribel is an horrible ship please do not ship that,it’s even worse than shinji and asuka together,GUYS CHERIA AND ASBEL ARE DISFUNCTIONAL AND WILL EVENTUALLY BREAK EACHOTHER DOWN,Asbel is the kind of dumb boy who doesn’t need a girl that is on costant rage to costantly shit on him,Are YOU SERIOUS? Asbel and cheria never developeted,never talked of something that will make them work with each other good and never even had an interactions outside of over the top blushing cheria and asbel not getting it ”because of course he is so in love with cheria he doesn’t get it and also shy ” yes because he is too busy having all the attention on richard, I mean even if a war will happen someone who is in love always thinks about the other,like i dunno richard and asbel do!?!?What the hell have cheribel people in their eyes? bees? because the sound of bees is the only sound i hear when you mention either cheria being a good character,or cheribel being a good couple.
    She is the biggest egoist in the world,emotionally selfish, and mentally abuses Asbel.
    In the Childhood arc she not only starts immediatly wrong by hating Sophie who she does not know yet,only because of her jealousy for Asbel,which is never explained or developeted,and she keeps that childish attitude in all the game.
    In the end of the childhood arc I am dismayed,her character was already dead there for me,I mean,Asbel’s friend (sophie) who he was so happy to be with died,his brother was adopted and he was never going to see him again for life,so Asbel is done and decides to become a knight which was his dream,what Cheria does?support him?encourage him and saying she will go visit him everytime she can like a true lover or friend? NOPE She says that Asbel should be fine just being with her and that’s it. A TRUE FRIEND OR LOVER RIGHT THERE PEOPLE.
    In the rest of the game nothing changes,when Asbel returns she is butthurt so she act like a coldbitch (even thought Asbel’s father just DIED she keep acting like a cold bitch over her selfishness,adorable isn’t it?)
    Then she gets kidnapped,like the stupidest thing ever,and after that she suddenly is all over Asbel again.The organisation she is working with is barely mentioned in the game.
    Her writing is costant bullshit trowed at people’s eyes,over the top attitude,and bunch of cliches like it’s raining cliches)
    2)Junpei from Persona 3 (most horrible shitty friend ever,he is jealous of Minato when he is just an useless bitch,)
    3) Kairi from Kingdom Hearts (Not developeted *eco* she is overrated by the fandom while she is not developeted (?) and there are clearly other female characters like i dunno AQUA or Xion who actually have a personality and a whole big developement but fans still ”omg kairi she is so strong gentle patient and motherly like i want her as my girlfriend she is so cutie she is loved by the boys omgggdfdf…spare me.
    And btw even her actor voice has done in her career just Kairi and Xion,Literally just Kairi and Xion,while the actor voices of Sora and Riku are clearly famous and are findable almost in every famous anime,she has done nothing except Kairi and Xion…Like Square Enix most have thought SO BIG OF KAIRI’S CHARACTER TO ACTUALLY HIRING SOMEONE WHO HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CAREER IN VOICE ACTING EXCEPT FOR KAIRI AND XION)

  • Evy LLight

    no ,bitcheria is the most horrible character i ever seen in any game.