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Nameless: The Hackers

Have you ever wanted to play an RPG or visual novel that centered around computer hacking? If you have, Nameless: The Hackers just might be for you.

Nameless is a hybrid visual novel and RPG for iOS with anime-inspired character designs. Developed by independent Los Angeles developer BoxCat, the game’s themes include “Social Engineering, Conspiracy and Computer Science.” As a group of hackers referred to only as the “Nameless Hackers,” players must outmaneuver pursuing governments, other hackers, and corporate spies as they plunge into a deep conspiracy.

Since Nameless is both an RPG and a visual novel, players won’t just be pointing and clicking (or touching, in this case). In addition to choosing their own dialogue, players will also be able to upgrade skills and, of course, battle enemies. However, instead of swords and magic, they’ll wield computers, software, and hacking skills (or “Viruses, BotNETs, and Internet Cats,” as BoxCat puts it). The game also boasts a touch-optimized user interface, with no virtual d-pads or buttons.

Dialogue Dialogue Merchant Cody profile
Social Engineering skill upgrade Dialogue branch Battle Team status
Fun fact: The filenames of these screenshots came numbered in hexadecimal (1 to D).

Nameless: The Hackers is BoxCat’s first game. It’s available for iOS on the Apple App Store and currently on sale for $1.99 USD (down from $3.99). For United States users, BoxCat is also giving away ten $10 iTunes cards, one $25 iTunes card, and fifty copies of Nameless on Facebook in exchange for liking and sharing them on Facebook, following and tweeting about them on Twitter, and subscribing to their YouTube channel. As an added incentive, they’ll give away one additional $10 iTunes card for every 500 entries. (They’ve received 830 as of this writing.)


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