RUMOR: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Being Developed For Next-Gen?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII

When it comes to juicy videogame related rumors, NeoGaf is the place. A fresh one has been circulating around the web as of late related to the long lost Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Get your grain of salt ready. NeoGaf user Verendus claims Versus XIII will be revealed, once more, later in the year regarding “development for the next generation”, a drop of the “Versus XIII” title, and a definite release in 2014. They also added at the end of the post, that Final Fantasy 15 and 16 are currently being developed as next-gen projects and a chance for Final Fantasy 15 to be an exclusive.

Now, Verendus gave full premission to the moderators to delete his account if said information ends up being false. That takes extreme confidence, especially for a NeoGaf regular. Could it be that this isn’t just rubbish? Sony’s big event is on the horizon after all. Could this play a major role in the upcoming event? Voice your thoughts in the comments!


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  • hey if its on PS4 then sweet ;D and well i seen FF15 on a game termin list saying FF15 thoe it like marked ps3 last i saw it lolz so it might be in fact ps4

    • Hec4Mets

      Meh I ain’t spending over $400 on a PS4 which i’m sure is what it will launch at this year. I wouldn’t buy a PS4 until a slim model comes out which i’m sure they’ll do again in 3 years.

  • Vinicius

    I’m starting to think this is the new Duk Nuken Forever.

  • Of course it will be on PS4… it’s not being developed FOR that system, but that’s what it will be released on because by the time the damn game comes out the PS3 will be long gone… if Square is actually working on FFXV and FFXVI they are freakin’ stupid.. they are already spread WAY to thin as it is.. as proven by the fact that VERSUS XIII HAS BEEN IN DEVELOPMENT FOR 7 YEARS. It would be really smart to drop the ‘versus xiii’ title considering the back lash against the trainwreck that was Final Fantasy XIII… but too me it actually seems like square is TRYING to run themselves into the ground, hell, not even the Enix side seems to be doing very well anymore. For the love of god square just die now before you really die as nothing more than a joke.

    • Hec4Mets

      Technically Square’s internal Japanese studios consist of 4 teams the mainline team (FF team) , the online Final Fantasy/FF tactics/FFXII team , and the 2 Kingdom Hearts teams which one was making Versus XIII and the other was focusing on KH3D which is already done so they are probably helping the other team right now.

  • I hope they manage to port it to the Wii U 😀

    • pppppp

      holy shit if wii u exclsuive then dat would be crazy everyone would buy a wii u and ps4 would nt have a chance

  • Lightthrower

    All starts making sense now… the reason why they never talk about it might be because it’s on PS4 and that’s top secret (until the 20th). People at Ubisoft don’t talk about Watch Dogs, same thing. So Versus might be a launch title? That would be awesome.

  • hey if its for the Wii U or PS4, id be happy to get it

    • Hec4Mets

      What’s funny is if Nintendo were to able to get exclusivity for Versus XIII I think the backlash on the internet would be even more worse then Bayonetta 2 was and i’d honestly love every minute of it lol (i’m not a fanboy either I own all the consoles). Nintendo has been on a run lately of getting exclusive titles for Wii U so its not out of the relm of possibility for that to happen (that or FFXV maybe).

    • hey you are preaching to the quire about the exclusivity argument (i own all 3 and the Wii U)

  • I’ve heard of that rumor for a couple years now.

    I stopped giving a shit about SE games a long time ago anyway.

  • Tom

    Some fans will be pissed off, cos I heard many forum users that they bought a PS3 just because of Versus XIII…

    • bleachedsnow

      I know I did…

  • RagunaXL

    ‘final fantasy’ versus ‘xiii’ was one of the original three nova crystalis ‘trilogy’ titles. the first being XIII which spawned a sequel, the other being Agito which developed into ‘type-0.’

    all that was developed for Versus XIII (the action RPG) was characters with a back story and they developed what they call RTE’s or Real Time Events. an idea for a world; a world that wasn’t story driven with cut scenes. a world where if a major event was happening like a dragon crashing into a bridge, instead of it taking place during a cutscene, it was during gameplay moments where you were still in control of the character and you could react to these important parts. this world and game has very obviously become ‘lightning returns.’

    as for Noctis and his crysal… maybe we’ll see them in final fantasy xv

  • dbclick

    I somehow doubt they would move it to the PS4 since they’ve been doing development on it so long and considering the PS3’s existing install base (likely at least 80 million by release) versus the PS4’s install base which would probably only be a few scant million by the end of 2014 (assuming a 2014 release). Likely Sony would have to pay them a lot to make it a next-gen title. I highly doubt Sony wants to spend the cash to pony up for something like that, considering their financial state.

    The other option is dual PS3/PS4 versions with better lighting/textures/models/shaders on the PS4 version.

    I for one am really looking forward to having it on PS3, not PS4. This and The Last Guardian were some of the reasons I bought a PS3. It would be a shame to not have either of them come out for PS3. It’ll be the difference between a possible day-one purchase and a possible purchase whenever I whittle down more of my backlog and get a PS4.

    I do agree with dropping the Versus XIII title assuming it makes sense financially, since Type-0 dropped it’s Agito XIII title. Could call it something like “Final Fantasy Crystallis”.

    • Something tells me that Sony had something to do with it. They’ve been making some pretty drastic changes as of late.

    • dbclick

      Could be. I just hope the rumor is false or that there are dual PS3/PS4 versions made.

  • Hmmm… they’re working on too many things all at once… Sure they’re trying to be productive but something, just that one something in these games will suck a lot… I’m confident it won’t be the graphics but I fear the gameplay and the story are going to take the most damage. 🙁 I still have hope for you SE… even just a little.

  • I Did Too Damn You Square Enix of Japan

  • I Still Boycott Final Fantasy 13-3 Lighting Return I Lift Boycott Once Final Fantasy Versus is Released in Japan

  • Guest

    Final Fantasy Versus 13 is New New Duke Nuken Forever

  • Final Fantasy Versus 13 is New New Duke Nukem Forever

  • RichieBerry

    Rumor: Final Fantasy Vesus XIII not just one huge April Fool’s Day prank.

  • Meh, this game has become completely irrelevant to me. Even its graphics aren’t very pretty anymore by some standards.