Final Fantasy Versus XIII

When it comes to juicy videogame related rumors, NeoGaf is the place. A fresh one has been circulating around the web as of late related to the long lost Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Get your grain of salt ready. NeoGaf user Verendus claims Versus XIII will be revealed, once more, later in the year regarding “development for the next generation”, a drop of the “Versus XIII” title, and a definite release in 2014. They also added at the end of the post, that Final Fantasy 15 and 16 are currently being developed as next-gen projects and a chance for Final Fantasy 15 to be an exclusive.

Now, Verendus gave full premission to the moderators to delete his account if said information ends up being false. That takes extreme confidence, especially for a NeoGaf regular. Could it be that this isn’t just rubbish? Sony’s big event is on the horizon after all. Could this play a major role in the upcoming event? Voice your thoughts in the comments!


Arik Yates
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