Sonic Adventure 2 HD Remake Coming Soon For PSN/XBLA

Monday, July 16th, 2012

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At SEGA’s Sonic Boom event during the San Diego Comic-Con, fans of the Blue Blur were in for a pleasant surprise.

An HD remake of Sonic Adventure 2 is coming soon to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. (Unlike most of SEGA’s HD remakes, a Windows/Steam release has yet to be determined). SEGA’s announcement of the remake comes almost a month after a listing for an XBLA version appeared on Along with games such as Jet Grind Radio and NiGHTS Into DreamsSonic Adventure 2 is part of the ongoing “SEGA Heritage” series of HD remakes that started with a 2010 HD remake of Sonic Adventure

Originally released in June 2001 to coincide with Sonic’s 10th anniversary, Sonic Adventure 2 was hailed by critics as the last great Dreamcast game. A remake on the GameCube under the name Sonic Adventure 2: Battle had more lukewarm critical reception, but ended up becoming a huge financial success in its own right.

The HD remake will feature offline multiplayer, leaderboards, and downloadable content, presumably the extras featured in Battle. If you missed out on this Dreamcast classic or its GameCube port, Sonic Adventure 2 is heading to PSN and XBLA this fall.

Try Sonic Generations while you wait, available on the 3DS and PS3 on Amazon.

Wii owners, check out Sonic Colors!


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  • RyanOPR

    This is the last Sonic game I can remember really getting into.

  • I’m surprised this game and the first ‘Adventure’ are so loved by Sonic fans? Weren’t these the start of the decline in Sonic games?

    • No actually, Sonic Heroes was the start of the decline. Heroes wasn’t terrible, mind you, but there were a ton of issues with it. Shadow the Hedgehog (the game) is what really made the series take a gigantic dive.

    • The start of the decline is an opinion. To me, there was no decline <3 I love all the games, including 06. :/

    • Everything is an opinion to some degree, but eventually you have to open your eyes and see the obvious. Love 06 all you want, I’m glad for you if you enjoy it, but the amazing lack of quality testing and glitchy gameplay and unfinished work are simply undeniable.

    • That’s the thing, NEARLY EVERYTHING in video games is an opinion, which is why I don’t listen to game reviewers. If I did, I’d never of discovered how awesome Secret Rings, Black Knight, 06, etc etc are. I wouldn’t even of discovered a lot of non-sonic games that were amazing if I listened to them.
      I love Sonic, the character (and all his friends I might add), I don’t give a crap about the games, XD I just play them to see what Sonic’s next adventure is.
      Yes there are glitches and bad things in 06 (which is a fact), but does that make it a bad game in EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S eyes? Nope, and that’s a fact too. XD I’m not the only one that loves 06, glitches and all.

    • I agree, blindly following reviews is a very bad idea, which is why I never like ratings. Reviewers should provide readers with information and give them an idea of what to expect, not tell them outright if a game is good or not. However, you said it yourself: You like the characters but don’t care about the games.

      Sonic the Hedgehog (06) isn’t a bad game by design; it could have been great, but its development and bug testing were a mess. It is a bad game due to the end result being unquestionably of low quality, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable.

      Secret Rings was a neat concept and had a much deeper impact that most people realize; if you look hard enough, you can tell that the new Sonic formula used in Unleashed, Colors, and Generations has its roots in it. It had a lot of flaws, but it should be expected from a first attempt.

      On the other hand, I loved Black Knight though and how it improved on Secret Rings. Sure it wasn’t perfect, but the treatment it got from the press and people who didn’t even play it was nothing short of retarded.

  • I am psyched for this! I do have to make a couple of corrections though:

    – There was no HD remake of Sonic Adventure in 2010, only a half-assed port with content cut out that didn’t feature HD resolutions nor widescreen support of a PC port of a GameCube enhanced port of the original Dreamcast game with upgraded graphics and features.

    – Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was no remake, especially considering the fact that it came out the year after the original Sonic Adventure 2 came out; it was merely an enhanced port.

    • RyanOPR

      Good to see we have informed readers!

    • Thank you for the compliments!

    • Indeed. Thanks for the corrections, and sorry I didn’t check my facts beforehand.

    • Nothing to worry about, just hope I didn’t didn’t come across as snarky. I used to write for a gaming website as well, I know it can be hard at times.

    • Indeed. Thank you for the corrections, and I’m sorry I didn’t check my facts beforehand.

  • Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was the first Sonic game I ever played. Yeah, it’s not quite as good as the old Sonic games are, but I still find its tight controls (for the most part) and its campiness relatively enjoyable.

  • Sonic Adventure 2 HD remake hmm, Well this is a complete and utter insult to the upgraded successor of the Sequel Sonic Adventure 2 Battle(the best game of all times during my 10-12 year old childhood) Its no surprise Sega’s running out of ideas and are depending heavily on remakes especially on games that OUGHT to be Franchises by now NiGHTs Sonic Adventure has the same if more fanbase as MegamanX had but in this day and age They discover technology and lazily abuse it to the point where people start to lose interest that’s what they do particularly in San Francisco  **shrugs shoulders and walks off**