Ys:  The Oath of Felghana is one of the long lining games in the Ys series. What makes this a unique game is not only being a remake of an older title, its been ported 3 times including for PC consumers using the Vista Operating system. In fact while it is a remake, it’s also a reimagining of the original Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, which was available on multiple platforms dating back to it’s original release circa 1989 on the Japanes home computer NEC PC-8801, to the last generation on the PS2.

The website Siliconera has a fantastic insight on how the PC Steam version holds up to the PSP and its original PC versions the Japanese played back in July of 2005.

With XSEED’s continued endeavors into digital distribution, it makes you wonder; will they continue to go down this path?They themselves say no, only when it is truly needed, and as a last resort with no other alternatives available to them.

The game is available for the PSP: Standard & Limited Edition, and on Steam for a fair price at 14.99$


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