Today, Square Enix announces new DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 via Sony Entertainment Network (SEN for short. Previously known as PlayStation Network (PSN)) for PS3 and via Xbox Live for Xbox 360. There are 2 new coliseum opponents, Gilgamesh and Pupu, and 2 new costumes, an outfit worn by Ezio Auditore for Noel Kreiss and “Style and Steel” which is an original costume design by Yuko Oshima for Serah Farron.

Gilgamesh who originally appears in Final Fantasy V should be far more difficult as a challenge to players compared to previously released opponents and will cost $3.99 on SEN or 320 Microsoft Points.  Pupu is the mysterious alien from Final Fantasy VIII and will cost $1.99 on SEN or 160 Microsoft Points.

Ezio Auditore outfit for Noel will cost $2.99 for SEN or 240 Microsoft Points and “Style and Steel” outfit for Serah will be FREE.



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