UPDATE: Pandora’s Tower has been announced for North America, published by XSEED Games, and scheduled to be released Spring 2013!

UPDATE 04/11/2012
NinTemple is reporting that they talked to the GameStop manager again who is adamant that he received an email confirming the North American release of Pandora’s Tower, and that GameStop would start taking pre-orders around June 20th, when The Last Story releases. Operation Rainfall has not been able to confirm this for ourselves, and so far, only this one manager is making this claim as others have been contacted but know nothing. So take it for what it is, a rumor. GoNintendo is reporting on this as well.

You can listen to an audio clip taken of the GameStop manager explaining the release here

Source: NinTemple

Original Article:

Rumor: Please take this as strictly a rumor until we state otherwise.

Ok so we are hearing reports that Pandora’s Tower is in the system of certain GameStop stores. We are hearing this from various people, and even GoNintendo reported on this. As of right now, we are unable to confirm this. But we are of course hopeful!

Source: NinTemple

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