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Yumeutsutsu | Re:After

I hope you’re staying safe because we have yuri visual novels like Yumeutsutsu coming! From the legendary developer and publisher duo that blessed us with Nurse Love Syndrome comes something softer. A tale of finding the purest form of love within indie game development. This is Yumeutsutsu Re:Master. To clarify, while the title indicates that it’s a remaster of a previous game, this is all-new. In fact, the game has only been out in Japan for almost a year now. This is a particularly special release for me. The amount of detail present in their last title, Nurse Love Syndrome, was breathtaking. I note that in my review here. Now they’re taking a different scene all-together, and we’re not just getting the base game. No, we’re getting the extended epilogue in Yumeutsutsu Re:After as well! To be honest, the news caught me off guard. Nevertheless, I’m extremely ready!

Please look forward to the International Steam and Nintendo Switch release on April 23rd. PlayStation 4 and Vita users don’t despair. You will get your hands on this wholesome adventure in due time. Unfortunately, this delay comes as a result of COVID-19. Degica Games asks fans to be patient and ultimately to be safe. Pricing details regarding both titles are not confirmed. However, the Japanese Re:Master is currently $64.99 on Steam. If this serves as an indication then please prepare your wallet. It will be worth every penny.

So why do I think this is so special? Read this amazing synopsis.

Yumeutsutsu (roughly translating as a half-awake, half-asleep dreamlike state) Re:Master is a sweet and savory girls’ love adventure saga in which indie game development serves as the main catalyst for everything that occurs. Kogado’s previous yuri visual novel duology, Nurse Love Addiction and Nurse Love Syndrome, was centered on the professional lives of nurses and nursing students, and this saga continues that trend of taking a close look into the lives of professionals at work, this time focusing on everyday game developers in their natural element.

Eureka Software — a small game studio in Koenji, near the center of Tokyo — serves as the central setting for this tale. The protagonist, Ai, is a simple country girl who makes a rather big move to the city by herself to be closer to her younger sister, Kokoro, who diligently spends her days making games for Eureka. The sisters have been estranged for quite some time after their parents’ separation, so Ai is eager to reunite with her sibling and make up for lost time by joining her in her work.

Unfamiliar with the game development process, however, Ai’s life quickly descends into surreal and potentially deadly chaos, not unlike that of a character from one of the very titles she’s working on. (If you think you know what to expect from this game, then you don’t know Kogado visual novels!) She winds up surrounded by people much stranger than any NPCs you’d find in any ordinary game, and must make the most of these encounters to achieve a better life. Her biggest worry in all of this is the stand-offish attitude that Kokoro projects around her, despite the fact that Ai uprooted her life and moved to Tokyo alone just to be with her. On top of this, there seems to be some significance to “Nie Majo,” an old doujin (indie) game that Eureka Software is remaking with Ai and Kokoro’s help…

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