Today EastAsiaSoft announced they will be localizing Tokyo Clanpool for both English and Chinese audiences. This one was one of Idea Factory’s later Vita titles that never made its way West back in the day, so I’m personally excited to check this one out.

Here is more about the game from the press release:

 Tokyo Clanpool is a dungeon crawling RPG where players navigate mazelike dungeons in old-school first-person style and face off against monsters in strategic turn-based combat. The story follows a team of young girls known as the Diet Dolls, led by newly inaugurated Prime Minister Natsume Kannuki, as they attempt to stave off a growing threat from a mysterious tower connected to Japan’s National Diet Building.

Key Features:

    • Experience a dynamic dungeon RPG set in near-future Tokyo!
    • Act as the young Prime Minister of Japan and her moe cabinet members.
    • Earn the approval of the citizenry for valuable bonuses or lose support for your mission!
    • Navigate mazelike dungeons in first-person perspective and engage in turn-based combat.
    • Use special attacks like Sacred Union to gain the upper hand against powerful monsters!
    • Alter the structure of dungeons by breaking walls, floating or digging tunnels.
    • Customize class abilities and skills with the use of different Digiskins!

Tokyo Clanpool  will be releasing on both Nintendo Switch and Steam with Limited Edition and standard physical releases being sold at Play-Asia.

Steve Baltimore
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