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It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen the anime, but we can finally read Mashiroiro Symphony! Shiravune proudly announced that both Mashiroiro Symphony HD remakes, Love is Pure White and Sana Editions, are now available. Originally releasing in 2009 by developer Palette, later turned anime in 2011 by Studio Manglobe, this feels like a blast from the past. All the art has been updated, the UI has a significantly improved look, and so much more. What else to say, other than the fact that it’s available for a really reasonable price! The Love is Pure White edition of the game is available for $23.99, and Sana Edition is up for $17.99, and let’s say you want both. You’ll be glad to know that a bundle is available for $37.78! As always, synopsis and trailer below, feel free to let us know what you think!

So what’s Mashiroiro Symphony all about?

Kagamidai is a blend of two towns, old and new.
Each has colorful scenery and colorful people… but it’s as if the two are painted in completely different colors.

Shingo Uryu is a normal young man from the new side of town, but the academy that he attends is about to be integrated with a venerable edifice of the town’s older side—the prestigious Yuihime Girls Private Academy.
Thrust into a combined class to help test the upcoming merge’s effects, Shingo begins commuting to Yuihime… and his life starts to change.

A somewhat strong-willed young woman who’s firmly against the schools coming together…
A girl who aspires to become a maid due to her mother’s influence…
A young lady as gentle as she is mysterious…
His one and only little sister…
The time he spends with these young women begins to lend his humdrum days a different hue. 

Psst… There’s also an 18+ patch.

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