Kira | Dewang

Kira | Dewang

We finally made it! Twenty-two episodes into Diamond is Unbreakable and we are at the point where we can start talking about Kira. Yoshikage Kira is just a man who wants to live a normal and quiet life but the people of Morioh won’t let him do it.  The man has the appearance of a normal businessman but us viewers and those of you who read the manga know there is a lot more to him than initially meets the eye. He seems to have a rather disturbing fascination with women or rather, their hands.

Kira | hand

The latest episode of Diamond is Unbreakable concluded the chapter “Yoshikage Kira just wants to live quietly”. While this chapter is not the first time we have seen Kira, this is when the protagonists are beginning to start putting together the pieces of the mystery that is going on in Morioh. After Rohan and Koichi stumble across that hidden alleyway and meet with Sugimoto Reimi a mysterious girl who informs them that there is a man out there who is killing people that the people of Morioh are unaware of and he has been getting away with it for years. After a string of ridiculous and unfortunate coincidences, Shigechi encounters the man and the hand of a deceased woman he was carrying around with him. This left Kira no choice but to get rid of him. It is this scene where we get a glance at his stand Killer Queen. One of its abilities is that it can make anything it touches explode. Unfortunately for Shigechi he is hit by this twice and on the second time right before he was able to get to Josuke and Okuyasu for help. By the time Josuke and Okuyasu caught on to what was going on, the little guy was completely gone from existence however Shigechi managed to use his last bit of strength to have his stand, Harvest give Josuke one of the buttons from Kira’s jacket.

Kira | menacing

The hunt is now on for Shigechi and Reimi’s killer. At the end of the episode, Kira finds a woman whom he is very interested in and tells the hand he already had that they are going to have to break up. Right before the credits we see him eating but with a new hand and it looks like it belongs to the woman he noticed earlier…

Kira is a rather interesting antagonist. He initially didn’t seem to have any real hard feelings towards our characters he even had no problem introducing himself and saying where he lived to Shigechi before killing him. We can’t deny though, that man absolutely gives off an unsettling vibe especially when it comes to hands. Kira does seem to be interested in stands and now that he knows more people in the town are stand users they are all on his radar. Series artist and writer, Hirohiko Araki also seems to have a particular fondness to him as he rated him really high in his top 10 Jojo characters list back in 2000.

Kira | character ranking

In any-case, next week we have the episode “Sheer Heart Attack” to look forward to. What do you think of the way the anime portrays Kira so far? Tell us in the comments.

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