Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth | Raising Bonds Among Kiryu's Party

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth | Robo Michio

I made a lot of progress in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth this past week. I’ve been absolutely glued and loving the game so far. It’s nice finally being sucked into something again. I go for so long, somewhat burnt out, not really feeling like anything, and then a new Yakuza game comes out and I’m completely glued again. I’ve done a ton of stuff in the game at this point and I’m in the middle of Chapter 9 now. I spent a long time in the beginning of the game, checking out Hawaii, doing some substories, getting important things unlocked like the Street Surfer and various jobs, etc.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth | Day 15 on Dondoko Island

It took me a while to get going, making money at the start was pretty difficult. First, I worked on getting my Sujimon team put together and tried to get into that a little bit. I figure any big side thing like that will eventually lead to a lot of money if you just spend some time on it. After that, I also spent quite a bit of time on Dondoko Island. You unlock Dondoko through the story, but you only have to spend 3 fictional days there before you can move on. I spent a good two weeks there and made the place a 1-star resort before I left. Dondoko Island is great for making money and that’s what really got me going. After I got cash from making the place a 1-star resort, I went back and raised a few personality stats to unlock all of the available jobs at the time. I’m now in Chapter 9, about to go back there and make some more money.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth | Raising Bonds Among Kiryu's Party

See where I’m at now, Kiryu headed back to Japan and has his own party and Ichiban is in Hawaii with his still. Chapter 9 got a little hectic, so I stole some equipment from my Kiryu team temporarily. It’s really nice that you just have access to all your stuff no matter which party you’re currently with. Unlike Yakuza 0, where whenever you switched between Majima and Kiryu, they each had their own inventories and cash on hand and you had to transfer money through an NPC and put items in a shared storage. So yeah, I temporarily stole some equipment off my inactive party. Now that I’m past the hectic beginning part of this chapter however, I’m getting ready to head back to Dondoko Island and do some sidequesting stuff again so I can make the necessary money to get the whole gang all properly equipped.

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I’m loving all the main characters in Infinite Wealth. I feel like the new characters have so much more personality than a lot of Yakuza 7‘s party characters did. Plus, I feel like you get to know certain returning party members quite a bit better. Also, in the past I was always partial to Majima and Akiyama a little more than Kiryu. I mean, after the seventh game, I liked Kiryu much more than Ichiban, yet he still wasn’t my fave among the series. But there’s just something about Kiryu in Infinite Wealth, the way he acts and the things he says. I’m quite amused with this latest iteration of Kiryu and I think he’s the best he’s been in any Yakuza game ever. Overall, I’m having a blast with Infinite Wealth and can’t wait to play some more. – Jenae

Persona 3 Reload | Title Screen

I spent most of this week playing Persona 3 Reload. I’ve gotten about 23 hours in and so far there hasn’t been a lot changed story wise from the previous releases. There are some changes to the story I’ve seen posted from later on, but I’ll reserve judgment for those when I see them in context.

Persona 3 Reload | Monk Quote

The gameplay and graphical style have been vastly upgraded, and honestly I love how most of it has turned out so far. Tartarus has been redone in a more 3D style and honestly the three sections I’ve been in look fantastic. They have added some new items to find and some new chests that require you to find Twilight Fragments. I would suggest anyone playing hold on to these until you see a chest that requires three of them to open, you get much better items out of these.

I think removing the fatigue mechanic has made the game a bit easier, and throwing in the baton pass from Persona 5 and some new super moves has further made the difficulty here a non issue. If you want a more true experience to the original Persona 3 or FES, I’d suggest starting on a difficulty of hard or greater. That said, I’m enjoying my time so far and we’ll see how I feel when I reach the end of this journey. – Steve

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