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Fate/stay night REMASTERED Launches 2024 for Switch and Steam, Supports English Text

Fate/stay Night REMASTERED | Visual

Fate/stay night is officially releasing in English for the very first time, finally. The announcement was made during a special TYPE-MOON TIMES stream celebrating the 20th anniversary of the visual novel’s release. The stream featured Noriaki Sugiyama (Shirou Emiya), Ayako Kawasumi (Saber), Kana Ueda (Rin Tohsaka), and Noriko Shitaya (Sakura Matou) as special guests.

Fate/stay Night REMASTERED | Info Graphic

This new version will be a remaster of the Réalta Nua port which was released on PlayStation Vita in 2012. Fate/stay night REMASTERED will launch for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in 2024 with support for English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese text.

You can check out the announcement teaser below.


Fate/stay night was first released by TYPE-MOON on January 30, 2004 for Windows PC in Japan. Afterwards, an all ages version with added voice acting, Fate/stay night Réalta Nua, was released in April 2007 for PlayStation 2. This version was later ported to other platforms such as PlayStation Vita and Android and iOS devices. The visual novel has spawned multiple spin-offs, including games such as Fate/Extra, Fate/Grand Order, and Fate/Samurai Remnant. It has also been adapted into anime multiple times, most notably by animation studio, Ufotable. The most recent adaptation of the visual novel was the Heaven’s Feel film trilogy.

Fate/stay night REMASTERED is scheduled to launch in 2024 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. This is the first time the visual novel will officially have a release in English. For more information, you can check out its official website and follow its official X account.

SOURCE: FSN 20th Anniversary TYPE-MOON TIMES Stream

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