Limited Run Games has announced a physical release of the Cosmic Fantasy Collection. These fantastic RPGs were released on the PC Engine CD way back back in 1990. We only received Cosmic Fantasy 2 here in the West back in 1992 and it was one of my favorite games as kid, yes I’m that old, so this will be the first time the original Cosmic Fantasy has released here in the West. These games will be getting an all new localization from publisher Edia, who you may know from their recent releases of the Valis Collections.

A standard edition of the game will set you back $44.99 while a collectors edition with some posters and other swag will cost you a bit more at $89.99. Pre-Orders will start tomorrow and run through February 11th.  Their website says the expected ship date is August of this year and, I would bet the digital release will hit the eShop sometime before this, but there is no official word on the release date as of writing this article.



Steve Baltimore
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