Fire Emblem
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With the European release for Fire Emblem: Awakening happening yesterday, our fellow fans on the eastern side of the Atlantic have so much to be excited for when they pick up this beastly game. But the hype doesn’t end with mere anticipation; Shiryu Music, a Portugal-based music website that also re-scores video game soundtracks, released a free-to-download compilation album with music from the Fire Emblem series.

Under the title Fire Emblem: War Memories, the album contains 30 tracks that pay homage to the long-running history of the series and its various tracks from past installments. You can find what tracks are on the album below, and you can download the music HERE.

From what I’ve listened to, it was enjoyable at best, although I didn’t find myself agreeing too much with the instrumental choices for some tracks. Regardless, they all attempted to strike a balance between making modern renditions — at least for those made with midi files — and preserving the emotional value of the original music.

I’ll admit that I’m not a music expert, but I thought some of the more dramatic tracks sounded weaker in comparison to the original scores. Nevertheless, they do have build-up and a believable sense of atmosphere. The more sombre tracks in particular sounded very atmospheric, and are quite well-done. Amusingly, I found one track from Sacred Stones that got my blood pumping — and it’s one of my least favorites, so what a surprise!

Hopefully those who choose to download the album will enjoy it like I did, or even more. It’s free anyway, so why not? Make sure to leave some comments below and discuss if you enjoyed it or not.


Andy Na
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