Today D3 Publisher has announced an all new third person Mech game, Custom Mech Wars. This one looks to be something out of the ordinary for the genre with the tons of ways players can customize their mechs. This includes giving them legs, arms, heads and other appendages in any configuration you mind can come up with. You can destroy other units in battle to collect more parts and even join up with players online to complete story missions.


Take customization to the extreme with the Omega Customization System and battle with one-of-a-kind combat units in this all-new third-person shooter mecha game.

Key Features

  • Build One-of-a-Kind Mechs Using the Omega Customization System: Not being restricted to bipedal builds, you can freely customize your mechs to include multiple heads, legs, and arms in whatever positions and angles you choose. Depending on the parts you use, the parameters will vary wildly, so you can build mechs with whatever abilities and fighting styles you wish!
  • Battle With Omega Customized Mechs in This Thrilling Third-person Action Shooter:  Arm your custom mech to the teeth with every weapon imaginable and blast your way through oncoming enemies. Experience the heart-pounding mecha action that only your Omega Customized units can provide. Destroy enemy units, collect their parts, and customize your favorite mechs even more. Complete a variety of missions as you battle, customize, and then battle and customize some more!
  • Join Forces With Other Players Online in the Competition Between Omega Customized Mechs:  This game supports online multiplayer. Up to four players can cooperate to complete story missions just like in single-player mode. Not only can you experience the rush of tackling missions with friends, but you can show off your favorite mechs you personally customized.

Custom Mech Wars  will launch on PlayStation 5 and PC this Winter.

Steve Baltimore
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