Citizens of Earth Screenshot 1

Citizens of Earth Screenshot 1

Siliconera recently revealed that an RPG called Citizens of Earth, made by Eden Industries, just added the Wii U to the list of platforms this game will be arriving on. The others being PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The developer stated that the game’s world design, among other things, was inspired by Earthbound. That tidbit alone was probably enough to make some of you excited.

In Citizens of Earth, you play as the Vice President of the World, who finds himself defending the town he’s in, improving it, and presumably other Vice Presidential duties. The main mechanic of the game is that you can recruit characters from the town to fight for you, like a baker, a mascot, a barista, and more. As they gain experience from battle and get stronger, they’ll also be more proficient in their regular jobs. You can recruit up to three followers at a time. Once you swap one of your recruits out with a new one, the old recruit goes back to their job. There are a total of 50 characters you can recruit overall.

Citizens of Earth will be available on PC, Mac, Wii U, iOS and Android. The developers are aiming to release the game sometime in March 2014, but an exact release date is still up in the air.


Kyle Emch
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