Fashion Dreamer | Gameplay Trailer Screenshot

Fashion Dreamer | Gameplay Trailer Screenshot

XSEED Games has announced that you can now pre-order Fashion Dreamer, from developer syn Sophia, both physically and digitally. Digital pre-orders are now open in the Nintendo eShop. The press release mentions that if you pre-order digitally, you’ll get a 10% discount off the $49.99 price. Also, you’ll get early access to the Chic Outfit Pattern Set via DLC. This DLC unlocks four rare patterns, the Sailor-Collar Blouse with Mimosa Embroidery, Retro Rose-Print Shorts, 2-Color Mid-Heel Lace-up Shoes and Vintage Pearl Earrings, all of which can also be found in the game. The physical edition is full price at participating retailers. The press release also mentions that if you’re headed to PAX West in September, you can try out Fashion Dreamer at the Seattle Convention Center, North Hall #1325. Feel free to read more about the game from the latest press release down below and if you’d like to know more about Fashion Dreamer, visit the game’s official website.



Create New Outfits to Rake in the Likes — The virtual space is bustling with Muses, fashion fans who are always on the lookout for new inspiration. Dazzle them with the freshest fits to earn their Likes and grow as an iconic fashion influencer!

Send Likes to Get New Items — Spot a Muse with impeccable taste? Let them know! Giving a Like will let players use their fashion items not only for themselves, but also when recommending outfits to other Muses.

Build a Brand with Customizable Items — When designing new clothing and accessories, the sky’s the limit! Customize over 1400 collectable items with your favorite styles and colors for a truly unique flair.

Interact Online with Other Muses Across the Globe — Connecting Eve to the internet opens a world of fashion possibilities! Muses will visit connected worlds, allowing players to snag whatever outfits they’re wearing for themselves or look for inspiration for their next ensemble. Anyone’s designs could make them the next international sensation!

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