Nintendo Download | Pokemon Sword and Shield

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed last week’s jam packed Nintendo Download, cause this one is a bit slimmer by comparison. We’re not at full Thanksgiving stuffing levels yet, but there’s still some good morsels to enjoy. For one thing, this particular Nintendo Download highlights the upcoming Pokémon games, and despite some of the negative buzz online, I’m still very much looking forward to the latest adventure. There’s also another featured title I’m rather excited about, the usual sales and a good number of digital games. So let’s get started by racing to the Galar region!

Nintendo Download | Children of Morta

Pokémon Sword and Shield have been on my radar since they were first announced. And just like when I first heard about the new games, I’m still very excited. After all, this is the first console Pokémon on Switch, and technically the first ever. Not including fantastic offshoots like Gale of Darkness and the Colosseum fun. And even though GAME FREAK is playing it close to the vest this time, and doling out new reveals very slowly, I’m eager to start discovering the secrets of the Galar region starting tomorrow. But that’s not the only featured title today. There’s also a great rogue multiplayer friendly adventure called Children of Morta. This tale of darkness and family has lush pixel art and 6 totally different and very customizable characters. I played it a couple years back at PAX West, and have been eager for a Switch release date ever since. Now that we’ve mentioned those games, let’s continue with some sales!

Nintendo Download | Raining Blobs

For this week’s Nintendo Download, we’ll start with some sales of very newly released games. A couple were just released last week, in fact. First up, if you like folk lore in your gaming, Yaga (Switch) is more affordable at $19.99; or if you like classic RPGs that never made it stateside, try Romancing SaGa 3 (Switch) for $23.19; for some hacking fun, try Cyber Protocol (Switch) for $4.99; or if you prefer blowing things up, try Inferno 2 (Switch) for $3.99; to take advantage of a good discount, try Solo: Islands of the Heart (Switch) for only $7.99; to take a chance on what may be a fun retro game, check out AGARTHA-S (Switch) for $2.39; for a really good deal, try Toby: The Secret Mine (Switch) for only $0.99; or for a deal on dancing, try Crypt of the NecroDancer (Switch) for only $3.99; and for a rogue survival horror, try Vaccine (Switch) for $2.50. That’s pretty much it for this week’s savings. Sadly no noteworthy 3DS or Wii U titles to mention, though you can check out more games by clicking here.

Nintendo Download | Bloo Kid 2

Next up, it’s time for digital games for the following Nintendo Download. There’s only a few worth mention. First, if you like retro, you might want to try Bloo Kid 2. If you prefer crazy puzzles, try Bouncy Bob 2 (no relation to Bloo Kid, despite the numbers). For something psychological, try Still There. And lastly, for a party with friends, try Munchkin: Quacked Quest.

Nintendo Download | Balthazar's Dream

Now it’s time digital fun for this week’s Nintendo Download. If you love new games inspired visually by old ones, check these out – Balthazar’s Dream, Perils of Baking, Raining Blobs and Rocket Wars. For titles with a bit of puzzling, try Mars Power Industries and Tactical Mind 2. If you like RPGs, the only option this week is Labyrinth of the Witch. If you love charming games with a twist, check out Woven. Or if you have a need for speed, try Overlanders. Adventure fans should check out Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child and Some Distant Memory. And lastly, if like me you’ve always secretly wanted a never-ending Zelda, try Sparklite.

Nintendo Download | Some Distant Memory

All in all, not a half bad Nintendo Download. Thanks as always for joining oprainfall for your weekly dose of Nintendo goodness. Hope you all enjoy this batch of games. Now if you’ll all excuse me, I have to finish counting the hours until I can pick up my copy of Pokémon Sword!

Nintendo Download | Sparklite

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