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Looking for something cute, how about Sugar Sweet Temptation? The wonderful publisher LoveLab took to Twitter today to announce that the aforementioned title will be coming very soon. To clarify how soon, it’ll be two weeks from when this article goes out! As someone who has a fondness for super cute, heartwarming stories, this instantly jumps to my anticipated reads list. Especially when they have art that looks so soft and cozy from Shiratama. I’ll go ahead and post the synopsis below, and if you like what you’re seeing and reading make sure to wishlist the game on Steam today! While you’re at it, let us know which girl you think is the cutest. Personally, I’ll go with Kori!

So what’s  the story behind Sugar Sweet Temptation?

Once a year in the beautiful, snowy town of Fueya, the air sparkles with diamond dust. On the Night of the Fairies, it’s said that miracles will occur.
Crow Yamada mysteriously drops in on one such night, landing on the rooftop of the quaint patisserie Folkroll with no memories of how he got there.

With the head baker hospitalized, the beloved shop is currently in danger of being shut down and sold off to a corporation; but the patissier’s granddaughter Meru and her best friend Kōri will stop at nothing to save it from such a fate. Plus, a patissier-in-training named Chocolat from the potential buyers has arrived to help out!

The girls of Folkroll are so welcoming and kind to Crow that he decides to become a great patissier to save the shop! But will he ever remember who he is, where he came from, or why he was on the roof in the first place?

Experience a a story as sweet and warm as a hot chocolate on a winter’s day as Crow and his new friends fight for what they love.

Diego Hernandez
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