D3 Publisher has announced their Schoolgirl meets Ninja mashup, Samurai Maiden will release on December 8th. This action game follows a young girl named Tsumugi Tamaori. She is summoned in her sleep to the historic Sengoku period, and must now make new friends to defeat the undead evil that has been unearthed at smoldering Honnoji Temple. She will need to use all of her wits and amazing sword skills to pull this off!

Samurai Maiden is up for pre-order digitally in the PlayStation Store or the Nintendo Switch Eshop The game will set you back $59.99 for the standard edition, but if you want to go all in, digital deluxe editions are available for $74.99. These include costume outfits for all playable characters, a variety of weapons and more!

SAMURAI MAIDEN follows the story of high school student, Tsumugi Tamaori, who is summoned in her sleep to the historic Sengoku period and the smoldering Honnoji Temple.

Together with historical figure, Nobunaga Oda, and a trio of newfound ninja friends, Tsumugi and team race through the underworld to slaughter mobs of undead enemies with powerful swordsmanship and mystical abilities. Using stylish combination attacks and strong counters, Tsumugi is well equipped to slay groups of zombies as well as tough bosses, alongside her friendly ninja friends while quarreling, laughing, and fighting, all while forging new bonds in the process.

The group can also unlock special abilities using the “Gokage System,” which allows a rapid combination of Tsumugi’s sword style and The Gokage’s powerful ninjutsu. From the samurai’s slashing and piercing attacks – to the ninjas’ wire arm, freezing yin yang jutsu, and various kunai attacks, players will be able to utilize these two types of offense to fight through the hoard of enemies. And when the action gets tough, activate the Devoted Heart technique to have samurai and ninja lock lips to enhance their abilities. Will they be able to rewrite history?

For additional information on SAMURAI MAIDEN, please visit the official website, and follow the game on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with upcoming content and news.

SAMURAI MAIDEN is ESRB rated “T” for Teen.

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