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Senran Kagura Series Crosses 1.65 Million Sales Worldwide

Senran Kagura series creator Kenichiro Takaki confirmed that the franchise has collectively sold 1.65 million copies worldwide. In reference to the Senran Kagura New Title Presentation from August 1st, Takaki clarified the news on Twitter that “the Senran Kagura series, which at the beginning they said would be amazing if it even sold 30,000 units, has sold over 1,650,000 copies worldwide in five years.” He continued, “sales aren’t everything, but I’ll be happy if it sells more… It would be nice to get some pocket money, wouldn’t it?”

Senran Kagura, known more for its well-endowed feminine ninjas and erotic elements than its side-scrolling action gameplay, got its start on Nintendo 3DS in 2011 courtesy of Marvelous Entertainment. Takaki credits development for the 3DS with the notion that players would want to see breasts in glorious three dimensions.

Since the original release, it has seen follow-ups on 3DS, PlayStation Vita, PS4, mobile, and even has an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch. That game, focused on the character Shinobi Refle, will take the series to new heights of lewdness by using the system’s HD Rumble to simulate breast physics.

Alex Irish
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