Marvelous Europe has announced they will be releasing a new title called The Last Alchemist. This alchemy management game from Vile Monarch will have players test, transmute, transform, and extract essences from everything you collect while fusing them together with some puzzles. The game takes place in a world were a group of fanatical lawmakers with rising power condemns Alchemy as heresy. You will use your talent to show the world that alchemy can do great things. Taking on the mantle of your late mentor and inheriting Old Imperial Star Observatory your journey of discovery begins.

Here are some features from the press release:


Test, Transmute, Transform. Extract Essences from everything you collect, fuse them together and solve Alchemy puzzles to obtain the Properties you need for a thriving Alchemy career. There are over 200 Properties to discover, with wondrous — or dangerous — effects. They can make you run faster and jump higher, cause or cure your ills, and help or hinder your best laid plans.
Conduct risky experiments. Grow carnivorous plants in your lab. Explode your Essence containers to observe what happens when they flow free. Combine bizarre ingredients without the proper analysis. The consequences could blow your mind… sometimes literally.
Alchemical mastery. Delve into a Research System that rewards you for analysing everything you collect. Complete your Encyclopaedia and become a fount of Alchemical knowledge.


Farm and harvest crops that could be vital to your experiments — or could take a bite out of you. Craft tools and construct machines to optimize production. Manage your daily activities and finite energy around a day and night cycle teeming with opportunities.


Explore rough but enchanting landscapes rich in resources, secrets, and fantastical plants that threaten more than just your progress. Discover ways to overcome obstacles, unlock new routes and use your surroundings to your advantage — allying yourself with strange and mysterious wanderers along the way.


You share your laboratory with the Agari, a local civilisation of sentient mushroom creatures with a dark secret. These cute but cryptic folk run both the economy and the machines you need to optimize production. But you’ll have to work to earn their invaluable trust.

The Last Alchemist will enter Steam Early Access in 2023.
Steve Baltimore
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