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We here at oprainfall don’t just love video games: we’re big fans of anime, too. So in celebration of the medium, we’re here to give you our thoughts on what we’ve been watching each week as we watch it. Old, new – anything goes.

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Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting | oprainfall anime

This week we got to learn a little more about Kirishima and Sugihara’s pasts, including how they came to know each other. Kirishima, it turns out, has been a firecracker since middle school, when his “beef” with Masaya began: our white-haired friend decided to pick a fight with the wrong guy and got his head cracked open with a rock. It’s just too bad for Masaya that Kirishima doesn’t even remember that defining moment. I like Masaya, though. He’s got a one-track mind but in a series all about over-the-top characters, he happens to be my favorite trope. I hope we see more of him. As for Sugihara, turns out he used to be a local petty thief who shoplifted from the wrong antique shop one day and had a run-in with Kirishima as a result. He’d only ever been complimented on his ability to shoplift, but Kirishima told Sugihara he was good at making tea, and that one compliment changed the younger man’s life forever. Too bad, again, that Kirishima doesn’t actually remember. All of this dovetails into the main plot, with Mashiro working in the wings on some master plan. He’s been keeping watch on our Demon as well as pulling strings on some shady businessmen, including on Sugihara beats up for being a scumbag. I’m curious to see how this will all play out, but I suspect the comfiness of the show is at stake. – Leah

– You can watch the Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting on Crunchyroll.

Lycoris Recoil

oprainfall anime | Lycoris Recoil

While the event that I thought would happen in this week’s episode didn’t occur, it was still a solid episode overall. It starts off with Cafe LycoReco in the red financially. It turns out LycoReco, especially Chisato, is pretty bad with money. Luckily, Takina is there to save the day. She takes over the cafe’s finances and helps put them back in the green. The scenes of them trying to save up money and using different tactics were a lot of fun. I personally really liked it when Takina came up with that new parfait. She really didn’t realize what it looked like, and when she finally found out, her reaction was priceless. After all the fun came the more serious bits. Majima found Chisato’s safehouse and they had a conversation of past events, mainly the Radio Tower Incident, and the Alan Institute. Majima clearly knows more about the Institute than Chisato, and Chisato thinks they can do no evil. The episode ends with Chisato in a lot of trouble and Takina having to rush to her rescue. This episode had the perfect mix of lighthearted moments and serious moments. I’m interested to see if Takina will reach Chistato in time, or if it will be too late. – Patrick

– You can watch Lycoris Recoil on Crunchyroll.

Dropkick on My Devil!!! X

Dropkick on My Devil!!! X

This episode continues to be outside the usual location of Jinbocho. Similar to the last episode, it kind of also is a tourism ad, this time for the city of Obihiro in Hokkaido. While it kind of takes away from some of the usual plot and characters, I would say it does do okay for an ad. Here, Jashin-chan continues to try to find a way to get rid of her massive debt, such as going to horse races and even participating in one. It of course does not end as she hopes. The angels for the most part are visiting different places and eating. While Minos is working on a farm, she becomes very attached to the cows. Yurine and Medusa have very short appearances in this episode. Miku’s appearance has her singing a song that might be familiar to some people, which was nice. The change of setting is nice, but I am wondering how long they will be doing this until they return from this tour. – Walter

– You can watch Dropkick on My Devil!!! X on Crunchyroll.



In this episode, we see the group take on two “threats.” Ainz heads to confront the frost dragons held up in a castle, who also have some agreements with the quagoa. On the other side, Shalltear heads to confront the quagoa and offer them an ultimatum. As always, Ainz quickly subdues the dragons and takes in the loot, though he is a bit disappointed how quickly the fight ended and didn’t get as many dragon parts as he’d like. Shalltear’s battle is also one-sided. The quagoa do not surrender and attack her, which leads to a scene of slaughter. One of the big problems I’ve had with Overlord at times are the 3D scenes. They were used here for this fight, but were at a minimum and less bothersome than some previous uses. The fight shows off again how strong Shalltear is as she wipes out a huge number of the population. With this part of the story concluded, like always I’d like to see what the next conquest will be. – Walter

– You can watch Overlord on Crunchyroll.

Doomsday With My Dog

Doomsday With My Dog

I decided to give this one a try since the episodes are quite short. They usually run about two minutes each and have two or three shorts in them. It follows a girl at the end of the world who is followed by her Shiba Inu, Haru. The conversations between the two is decent. There are some nice comedic moments in here, I do like whenever another animal is brought in for some of the shorts. Since they’re pretty short episodes I’d say they are worth it to check out. I also did like the ending theme. – Walter

– You can watch Doomsday With My Dog on HiDive.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

I had the opportunity to watch the newest Dragon Ball movie in theaters this week, and man was it worth it. Even with the small crowd (we purposely went to a late night showing), the energy was incredible, and seeing everyone up on the big screen was a fantastic time. This movie captured a lot of what I love about the franchise, with some expert comedic timing and beautifully choreographed fight scenes. The CG animation took a few minutes to get used to, but in the end I thought it held up really well, and everyone was still very expressive. It was also nice to have the focus be on someone other than Goku for once. Since it’s currently in theaters, I don’t want to go into too much detail, but if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, and especially if you like seeing Gohan and the Earth crew get some love, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. Absolutely worth it. – Leah

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