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Here’s a treat for yuri fanatics, Lewd Idol Project is back! The lewd adventure visual novel series from Toffer Team is now on Indiegogo. You may wonder if you have heard about this game before. The answer to that question is yes. To clarify, this is the second chance campaign for Lewd Idol Project. While it may not have failed, controversy sparked for the title a few months back when PayPal locked the funds of developer Toffer Team. So while the first game eventually saw the light of day and became a great first chapter, this left the other entries with question marks. This is where your support comes in, for as little as $7, you can secure your copies of the future games and help Toffer Team realize their ambitions. The campaign will run for 30 days as of the time of writing this. Go and show your support!


So what exactly happened after the first campaign?

In November 2020, thanks to more than 1500 supporters, we raised 369% of our funding goal to create Lewd Idol Project. But as many of you know, after releasing one of three volumes, our payment processing partner froze our accounts and funds. We fought back, but in January of this year the funds were completely taken away.

This left us without the financial means to continue working on LIP, a dream project we love and are so proud of. We were devastated… all the effort, all the support from our backers… completely wiped out. But fortunately through it all, we received a groundswell of encouragement from fans, and it gave us the strength to keep pushing forward.

So here we are, running a new campaign to raise the funds for Volumes 2 & 3. To all of our original backers – we are eternally grateful. Thank you for sticking with us and for the many positive comments you’ve sent our way. If you’re a new supporter, thank you too for joining us. Welcome to the world of lewd idols!

If you have any questions or want to know more, please visit the FAQ section, where we will try to answer all of your questions. Thanks for your support!

And what is Lewd Idol Project about?

Kairi is a young and cheerful girl with a dream… Becoming the best and most popular Idol ever!
She recently moved to Akihabara in order to achieve this, but… She’s been rejected by around fifteen different Idol agencies so far.

Already short on money, with some increasing debt, and feeling defeated after another failed audition, she meets Ranko, a self-proclaimed “producer” that introduces the innocent idol wannabe to her most recent and ambitious idea… Lewd Idol Project.

Join Kairi, explore the wonderful city of Akihabara, meet and recruit new girls for the project, and help her fulfill her dream in this new Lewd Adventure!

Diego Hernandez
Diego is an incredibly passionate visual novel enthusiast from an island within the Caribbean. He intends on working alongside Operation Rainfall to inform the masses about the vast library of breathtaking visual literature. As well as spreading awareness of the amazingly talented individuals hard at work on said breathtaking projects.