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Title Cat Quest
Developer The Gentlebros Pte. Ltd.
Publisher The Gentlebros Pte. Ltd.
Release Date August 8, 2017
Genre Action RPG
Platform Steam, Android, iOS
Age Rating Everyone
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Back in the old days dragons soared the skies, bringing destruction and misery to the land. When everything was considered lost, the warrior of legend defeated the dragons, bringing peace to the world. Years have gone by and now the dragons are back terrorizing the land. The question is, will the dragonblood save us again? Did I mention the dragonblood is a cat? I should have started with that, shouldn’t I?

Cat Quest | Thunder spell

If that premise sounded familiar, I assure you it was intentional. Cat Quest starts when the hero is attacked by Drakoth who kidnaps his sister. To his luck it turns out that he has the mark of the dragonblood, who has the power to defeat evil. With the assistance of Spirry, his spirit guide, the hero embarks on a quest to save the land, defeat Drakoth and rescue his sister.

Truth be told, the plot is no more than an excuse to start the game. This is a very simple and straightforward action RPG. We have a physical attack with a simple three-hit combo, a roll to avoid the enemies and we can use up to four spells which require Mana, which is charged by attacking enemies. Defeating enemies and completing side quests grants experience points to increase your level. And while you don’t get new abilities with each level, it means that you can take more quests which is the loop of the game; complete quests for completion’s sake.

Cat Quest | World Map

The game takes place on the continent of Felingard. From the very beginning you are free to explore most of it, which is kind of the purpose of the game. While there is a main storyline, there are a lot of side quests and dungeons that have us wandering through the whole place, getting new equipment, fighting enemies and discovering more of the world you’re living in. While the lore is not particularly deep, there’s more than what the cute graphics would make you assume.

But the game is not simply grinding for fun. Each quest has a small story that will keep you entertained. While there are fetch quests or simple “kill all the enemies” objectives, the purpose of it is more than just being the hero because it’s the right thing to do. The characters are funny and as you can imagine the game is filled with cat puns. The first town we visit is called Catpital, so you can imagine the tone of the rest of the jokes.

Cat Quest | Cave Dungeon

The whole game uses a top-down view and everything is hand-drawn and colorful. The general art style transmits the feeling of happiness and adventure that the developers were probably looking to. In a world filled with grimdark videogames, I’m happy to enjoy a bright one. The music manages to convey the same feeling, with happy tunes for the overworld and town, mysterious melodies when entering a cave or dungeon, and a couple of funny songs for those moments filled with jokes. Trust me, there are quite a few.

The game unfortunately is not too long. The main story can be completed by around the three hour mark, and everything else in eight to nine hours. For $13 dollars, however, this is not a bad price. There are a couple of details on the plot that are left open by the end of the game and some others hinting at a possible sequel, so hopefully the game sells enough to be able to see more of it. Cat Quest lays a foundation to what could be an interesting universe to visit.

Cat Quest | Equipment Screen

Wrapping up, if you are a fan of completing quests, killing all the enemies, getting the epic loot, and eventually defeating evil, Cat Quest is worth checking out. No, it’s not the Skyrim experience with over 200 hours of gameplay, but is such a funny and entertaining game that I completed it in almost one sitting. That’s how much fun I was having. Cat lovers and pun aficionados, why aren’t you playing this game yet?

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