Fate/Extra CCC | Translation Complete

Fan translation group, Iwakura Productions, has completed their initial translation phase for Fate/Extra CCC. The English patch isn’t ready for release yet, though, since the translation still needs to go through editing and testing before that. Still, this is great news for overseas fans who have been clamoring to play this game since it released in 2013.

The Fate/Extra CCC Translation Project started in September 2015 and has been steadily worked on since then. With the initial translation now completed, the project has entered the editing phase. Iwakura Productions has not decided on how they will track progress on editing at this time.

Fate/Extra CCC launched in Japan for PlayStation Portable on March 28, 2013. It was jointly developed by Type-Moon and Imageepoch. Keep an eye on Iwakura Productions’ website and the Project Lead’s Twitter for any future updates.

Prologue Translation Demo Video (Released September 2021)


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