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Developer: Half Past Yellow
Publisher: Merge Games
Platform(s): Steam, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Xbox Series X
Release Date: Summer 2022

Time on Frog Island is a peculiar yet charming demo to play. In the opening cutscene, you see a sailor shipwreck on an island and discover that he needs to repair the ship to get off of it. However, he can only repair his ship if he helps out all of the inhabitants of the island…who happen to be frogs.

Yes, frogs.

There are fourteen different frogs in Time on Frog Island that you will run into, and they all have their own storylines and their own problems. For example, a diva frog is in love with the scarecrow heads that are in a field and is distraught when they are all gone the next day. A cartographer frog is unable to retrieve his binoculars from a cave because his backpack is too big for him to squeeze into the gap. Like any good story however, all of these frogs are all interconnected in their stories. You may want to help the diva frog out, for instance, but you may have to help several other frogs out with their problems first before you can help THAT particular frog out. And other questlines won’t be able to be completed until you ultimately help the diva frog out. Because everything is so interlinked, you are forced to pick and choose the pathway you want to take through the game.

Time on Frog Island | Cartographer frog is unable to retrieve binoculars.
All of the different frogs on the island have their own problems, and it is up to you to solve them! (Images courtesy of Merge Games).

Time on Frog Island | Fisherman frog has a problem to solve!

While playing the Time on Frog Island demo and trying to solve the different quests requirements, I ended up being charmed by the cute graphics and how much I enjoyed picking up random objects in the environment and seeing the different frogs. This is honestly a charming puzzle game and I could see myself getting addicted quite easily in figuring out how everything fits together as I try to get off the island. There is also a day/night cycle to the game and there are collectables that you can pick up and do things with- for instance, you can gather logs to make a fire. I was told that as you play the game, you can also unlock various frog-like powers that you will have to utilize in order to solve all of the puzzles. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience all of those powers. Most surprisingly, you don’t have to solve ALL the quests to escape from your time on frog island- but why would you not do so?

Time on Frog Island | You can even hug your special plant! Who wouldn't want that?
You can even hug your special plant in Time on Frog Island! Who wouldn’t want to do that? (Image courtesy of Merge Games).

Time on Frog Island is supposed to come out on all platforms and on PC in Summer 2022, and it is made by a seven-person team and will take between seven and eight hours to complete 100 percent. Personally, I am excited to see how all of the stories interlock together to tell one cohesive tale!

Time on Frog Island | Farmerland on the island.
There are different environments to explore in Time on Frog Island! (Images courtesy of Merge Games).

Time on Frog Island | The beach.

Are you excited to explore frog island? What kind of frog-like skills do you hope to discover in the game?

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