Dead End Aegis, a Visual Novel about Military Magical Girls is out now on Steam. This title features the fantastic artwork of Ueda Metawo, and comes to us from developer metalogiq. It tells a story of Earth being under siege from an alien force. Our weapons were useless, but we soon discovered a way to fight back. By transplanting alien tissue into the bodies of young women they could gain superpowers. Each of the girls gain powers in different ways, but victory is not a guarantee. There will be much struggle and sacrifice before this war is over.

Here are some game’s features:

  • Kickass soundtrack
  • Dark storylines
  • Beautiful art by the masterful Ueda Metawo
  • Multiple endings based on your choices
  • Unlockable mini puzzle games after completing the main storyline game
Steve Baltimore
Steve started with oprainfall not long after the campaign moved from the IGN forums to Facebook. Ever since, he has been fighting to give all non-mainstream RPGs a fair voice. As the site admin, he will continue to do this and even show there is value in what some would deem "pure ecchi." He loves niche games and anime more than anything... well, except maybe Neptune.